Writing by Prompt

Writing prompts are sometimes used when the well of ideas have run dry. Writing prompts are tiny seeds, indeed, but they contain the germ of an idea within them. As each person plants their seed, waters and nurtures it, a different flower will grow.  Beautiful.

Some of us also like to stretch ourselves a bit through writing. We want to be the tail on the kite, instead of the string.  New characters, settings, or even a different language--we want to stretch our imaginations beyond our narrow view of life. Because that is where the meat is. The big ideas.

I often find myself fiercely staring at a blank computer screen, hoping that my brain waves will generate some sort of miraculous blog post that will cure cancer and julienne potatoes and solve the national debt problem.

On some days, I can barely write my name, never mind a blog post.  The fire that is my imagination has gone out, leaving me in darkness.

On those dark days, those writing prompts are a spark to light the fire of the imagination. 

Thank you.

The Last Dragon

The Last Dragon

And Her Glory Shown All Around

Salt Water


Zenna and Boone stories



The Blessings

The Kiss

Sleep Now In The Fire


Roll with the Changes

And All Was Revealed


The Queen Approaches

Lucifer Always Collects 

Breakfast in Bed 

Other Attempts

Forever is a Long Time

X Marks the Spot

The Camera Never Lies




Between Two Slices

Whatever Comes