Friday, August 12, 2011

Red Writing Hood: The Kiss

Prompt: Let's get all steamy up in here and write about sex. But you know us. There's a twist. You can't write about the act. I don't want to read about any heaving bosoms or girded manhood (please tell me someone else giggled besides me). This is based on a dream I had. A really, really, happy dream.

He was standing by the door, bare chested, when I walked out of the bathroom stall.

I have been known to be inattentive to my surroundings, but in retrospect, I would have noticed if anyone had come into the Ladies' room while I was in the stall, because the door creaks. Somehow, he got there without making a sound.

Of this I was certain: he was waiting for me.

I looked up, into his face, so I could stop staring at his perfect abs and how his taut skin disappeared into his pants.

My body reacted viscerally. For the first time I understood what the romance novels meant by their use of the word "lusted".

My Ladies' Room visitor was big, broad shouldered, solid looking, the top of his head nearly touching the ceiling.

Cropped hair so dark that it reflected a blue sheen in the fluorescent lighting.

A jawline carved from stone, dusted with the beginnings of stubble.

Eyes the green of a forest nested between high cheekbones fixed on me with what I can only describe as hunger.


I had time to blink, my mouth slightly agape.

Then this strange, stunning man was holding my face in his huge hands and his lips were on mine.

A sigh escaped him, as if he had been waiting his entire life just to kiss me.

What the heck is a girl to do in these sorts of situations, when a gorgeous, half naked man kisses you?

I kissed him back, of course.

I shivered with intensity of his apparent passion for me. All coherent thought poured out of my head. Goosebumps flowed over my skin, immediately followed by a tingling heat. My legs seemed to lose the power to keep me standing. He pulled me into a tight embrace, lifting me so that my feet no longer touched the floor.

I wanted more. I tried to melt into him, so the kiss would never end.

But it did, dammit.

I remember making a sound of frustration as he pulled away. I was suddenly back on my unsteady feet and he was backing up. Swaying, I touched my lips, staring at my mystery man.

"You are mine," he whispered, smiling. And then he vanished.


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