Friday, July 1, 2011

Red Writing Hood: Whatever Comes

Red Writing Hood prompt: You or your character find a forgotten letter or card from someone important in your life--whether good or bad. What does it say? How does it affect you or your character? What is done with it? This is fiction!

She found the note the day she finally found the strength to begin emptying the drawers and closets of her husband’s clothes. Jake had been dead and in the ground for a year. Slowly, oh so slowly, she got used to the horrific idea that she was alone. Her husband would never again step through that door, grab her around the waist and kiss her until she felt dizzy with love. After the funeral, her very bones seemed to be leached of the energy to face anything anymore, and she thought that it would be okay if she simply turned to dust sitting in Jake’s chair by the window.

The idea of alone was relentless, however, and the day came where she finally came to accept where he was, and where she was. Then it was time to move again.

Her children had offered to take care of the clearing, cleaning, and removing of their father’s effects, but Maisy knew that she had to do this job herself. It wouldn’t seem real to her, she thought, if she came home one day and all evidence of the love of her life had been swept away like dust under a rug. And so today, she pulled all of the drawers and closets open, and began going through them one by one.

Old ties. Dress shirts of various professional colors. Dress pants, suit coats. Those were easy to let go of, as Jake wore these rarely, if at all. He was never comfortable wearing them, so she was glad to be rid of them. Same with jeans, socks, underpants, undershirts, and shoes.

The t-shirts and the flannel one were a little more difficult. M. They smelled like Jake; like the very wind itself, blowing through the air after a summer storm. That smell would always bring a feeling that Jake was just behind her, waiting to wrap his arms around her and hold tight.

As she pulled the last t-shirt from the drawer, she saw a small white card in the bottom. Maisy leaned over and picked up the card, turning it over in her hand.. Jake’s handwriting was on the front. Maisy recognized the card immediately. Jake had given her this care the day he asked her to be his wife. She knew exactly what the card was going to say, but she opened it anyway, as tears began to weigh down her eyelashes and slide down her cheeks.

Whatever comes, we share. Before God , man, and beast. When the sun rises and when it sets.No matter our troubles or joys. Whatever comes, we share.
All my love,

“Oh Jake!” Maisy stopped trying to keep her tears inside and just let them flow. “

I can’t share this with you right now, my love.”she whispered. “

But I will be with you one day. “


  1. I loved what he wrote on the card. Beautiful.

  2. I love this! Great job!

    Stopping by from TRDC...hello fellow San Antonian!

  3. I felt like I wanted to cry right along beside her. Really beautiful, and heart wrenching writing here. Well done:)

  4. Sniff, sniff. Great writing, now hand me a tissue.

  5. Jake sounds like such a cool guy; I loved his letter most of all. And I definitely was near tears right along with Maisy.

  6. Oh so much sadness! I hope this begins her healing- I'm glad that they had such a beautiful love.

    I loved the phrase "leached of the energy"- such powerful word choice!


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