Sunday, February 14, 2021

It is Cold. Texas Cold.

Today, Texas is cold.  Not the kind of cold you are thinking of...COLD.  North Pole cold.  Polar bear cold.  There is ice on my car that has been there for TWO days. And it's not just here--the entire state is freezing. The coast is even closed.  Hear that?  THE GULF OF MEXICO IS CLOSED.  

Good times.

It hasn't made it above 32 in the past three days, and that never happens here in San Antonio.  I don't remember this kind of weather happening here since...1985.  That winter we got a foot plus of snow, and since there wasn't a snow plow in sight, the entire city shut down.  The northern portions of Texas are used to such events, so THEY have actual snowplows. San Antonio generally never gets below freezing more than a day or two every winter, and never for long.  

My husband is excited about the idea of snow.  My son is excited about the idea of snow.  Me, not so much. It's really difficult to love snow when you've had to shovel it, or constantly scrape ice of your car. Oh, it is pretty to look at, transforming a landscape that looks relatively dull in the winter to a magical, pristine wonderland.  Everything looks clean, at least until the dog gets out there, the kids have snow fights, and the exhaust from cars takes over.  

I'll take pictures of the event, mostly from my warm house.  I will get plenty of exercise running to "see" Larry and Zane play in the snow.  I may go outside. 

Maybe not.      

Friday, February 12, 2021

Not Today, Satan

Lately I've taken to haunting the local Dollar Trees.  My reason?  Cheap crafts, of course!  Where else can I find so many items that I can take home and look at while they collect dust?  Just kidding--what else can a Covid-confined chica like myself do while remaining inside and solitary for 90% of her weekend? Get crafty! I've been watching YouTube videos, and I'm dangerous. At the Dollar Tree, I can fill my basket full of stickers, delightful wooden shapes, yarn, and random crazy stuff, safe in the knowledge that I will spend no more than fifty bucks, at the most.  I've been sneaking over there at least once a week. I don't always buy stuff, but it is fun to look around.  

This afternoon found me with a little time, and off to the Dollar Tree I went.  I walked in and headed straight for some shadow boxes placed on an endcap.  As I turned the corner to walk the aisle, I noticed music playing.  That's nice, I thought. Then I realized that I was hearing the theme song from the movie The Exorcist.  


I looked around, because even though it was only a movie, something scary could pop right up.  It was a ringtone on someone's phone. Whew!  It was only a coincidence, my hitting the craft aisle to that tune.  Or WAS it?  Just in case, I said a few Hail Marys and held onto my St. Benedict medal a minute.  No way was Satan, or whatever that demon in the Exorcist was called, going to keep me from duly enjoying my crafts.  No sir.  I picked up some cool stuff and headed home.  Look what I made! 

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Do NOT Use Genocide As An Argument

I was very disappointed to learn that actress Gina Carana was fired from The Mandalorian.  I enjoy watching strong female characters.  But I saw it coming. You can't tweet that Republicans are being treated like Jews in the Holocaust and not expect a significant response.  Ms. Carano crossed the line.  Even if her point was valid, it was negated by her use of one of history's most horrible events to make her point.  

People seem to keep forgetting that there are rules for arguing a point. This rule is: Never, ever use genocide to make your point.  Whatever that point might be, nobody wants to hear it when you throw genocide into the mix.   The Holocaust, Armenia, Rwanda, etc., are such heinous events, so abhorrent to our sense of humanity, that they should only be spoken of in hushed tones of reverence, not tossed into common discourse.  

It is already considered trite to compare someone to Hitler in political discourse, and most people tend to laugh at the unfortunate soul who heads in that direction.  Genocide is different.  Nobody should laugh at genocide, or treat it lightly.  These events were the worst moments of our collective existence, and no human should forget that.  People who do forget should be publicly shamed, but since she's a celebrity, Gina Carana will likely get a pass. 

We can do better.