Friday, November 25, 2011

Red Writing Hood: Roll with the Changes

Prompt: Find the song that will be played during the pivotal scene in the movie based on your magnum opus. With that song playing, write that pivotal scene – it’s your choice whether you write it as a screen play or as it’s played out in your novel. This is a continuation of my dragon story, with the tattoo, and the love interest. I think that I went a tiny bit over 300. Sorry.

I slipped the bartender a twenty when I had arrived, to keep the beers coming instead of questions. I was glad that the bar was quiet and empty for the moment. I was too lost in my thoughts to be on guard, and I didn't need a crowd.

My life seemed to have gone completely offline.

I stared at the tattoo that was now wrapped around my wrist. A red and gold dragon, coiled on the inside of my left wrist, so detailed that the eyes seemed almost to glow. So detailed that all that needlework would have hurt. A lot. Why didn't I remember it?

Andy had been very angry about the tattoo. I would make him look bad, he told me, and would keep him from getting the partnership. Maybe he was right, I thought, and signaled for another beer.

Ever since that gorgeous stranger had kissed me and the tattoo had shown up, things had been different. Nothing in my life was what I wanted anymore, I realized. I didn't want my job and I didn't want Andy. I felt as if I had fallen into an empty grave. I shivered at the image.

The jukebox near the door suddenly began blaring out a song. I turned around, startled.

He stood next to the jukebox, the man of my dreams for the past month. I drank him in, from the black cowboy boots to the smile on his face. That smile told me that anything was possible. My lips tingled, remembering his kiss, my heart coming alive again. He motioned for me to follow, and then stepped outside.

I took a deep breath, blew out the candle of my old life. Then I tossed back the last of my beer, threw some bills and my engagement ring on the bar, and followed that man out the door.

The tattoo on my wrist began to burn.

So if you're tired of the same old story
Oh baby, turn some pages...


  1. Oh! How exciting!!! ...The man of my dream... *sigh*

  2. Exciting writing especially with that soundtrack, there's definitely a lot more to follow though! :)

  3. I want to see this tattoo. oh it sounds so pretty!! And to make her give up her life and her love? That's some nice voodoo you are working.

    ~The Drama Mama

  4. The dark mysterious stranger returns. Love the intrigue. And that tattoo just appearing is a little creepy...but sexy in a way.

  5. I like the tattoo plot device.

    I saw REO at Six Flags in 1985. I think Roll with the Changes was about 15 minutes long.

    well written, i enjoyed it

  6. Ahhhh this song is perfect for this piece. Love it!

  7. Interesting! I would love to know what happens next. The song is perfect for giving up everything on a whim. Those cowboy boots will do it every time. Glad you shared your story and soundtrack.

  8. Ooooh! Great song-the piece is intriguing. And I love the line about throwing her ring on the bar...I want to follow them out and see what happens!


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