Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Motherly Advice

My mother's concern that my clothing might reflect poorly on her, in the event of an emergency, was amusing to an eighteen year old. I promised her that I would always wear clean underwear.

I did.

But we never discussed going commando. 


  1. Aha! I love it! My grandma was that way - obviously if I'm in a tragic car accident and my clothes have to be cut away, the first thing I should be worried about is whether or not I put clean undies on that morning!
    Love the punchline...

  2. You talkin' about me??? Hahaha! This was so fun. Sounds like we are on the same page, though. Sh$t happens!

  3. Ha-ha so clean they're invisible!!! Too funny! Like when I'd tell my daughter "No running", and she rushed away from me anyway. " What did I say?" I ask angrily " You said no running Daddy, you didn't say I couldn't skip!!!" I'm telling ya, she should have been a lawyer!

  4. This certainly raised a smile from me!


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