Thursday, November 19, 2015

Five Things

Five Thing You Don't Know About Me:
1. I am a book hoarder.  I know that's difficult to believe, but I have enough books in my house to fill a small library.  I can't help it.  I just love the feeling of holding a book in my hand, of turning the actual pages, and of highlighting my favorite parts.  Some people collect tiny spoons; I collect books.

2. I'm secretly correcting everyone's grammar/spelling.  When someone says a word incorrectly or uses an incorrect tense, it pops out like a big neon sign in my head. It just does. I don't want to be rude or condescending or anything that might hurt someone's feelings.  I just keep my mouth shut and just think about it. 

3. I was Girl of the Year once.  I used to volunteer at the Girls and Boys Club when I was in high school.  They elected me Girl of the Year. I'm still in shock  I have a plaque.

4. I do not collect Willow Tree angels.  My mother in law gives me a Willow Tree angel every year on my birthday and at Christmas.  They were cute the first couple of times, but I've moved on.  She's still buying them for me, and I have to keep them because she'll be hurt otherwise. 

5. I love cheese.  I don't really need to elaborate.

Five Things I Am Knowledgeable About:
1. Navigating Cancer.  After going through the diagnosis, the surgeries, the chemo, the radiation, I can say that.  Ask me anything!
2. Special Education.  It's my job, after all.  And I love working with special education kids!
3. Soccer.  Since my kid plays, I have had to learn. And I love the sport. 
4. The Walking Dead.  I've been watching since the beginning, PLUS I've read most of the comics.
5. Mel Brooks movies. I can quote Young Frankenstein practically word-for-word.   And I know all the in-jokes

Five Things I Know Nothing About:
1. Math.  You might as well be talking in Chinese.
2. Quantum Physics.  See above.
3. Woodworking. It looks easy, but it's really not.  Plus, I'm forbidden from using power tools as a result of my efforts. 
4. Internal combustion engines.  As far as I'm concerned, it's magic that my car starts and gets me from place to place.
5. Interior Decorating.  I like comfy, I like useful, but I'd like to be stylish.  Unfortunately, I suffer from paralyzing indecision when it comes to choosing colors, textures, etc.  I'd rather hire someone to do it for me. 

Five Things I Believe: 
1. Happiness is subjective.  Just because I'm not giggling and giddy doesn't mean I'm not happy.  I'm just not a demonstrative sort, but occasionally I crack a smile.  That doesn't mean I'm angry or sad.
2. Glenn is still alive.  There are other things still in store for Glenn, so don't count him out just yet.
3. Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.  Enough with the conspiracy theories.
4. People just need to calm down. There's too much overreaction and not enough reasonable discourse.  It's all about political theater. 
5. Adults need to play more, work less.  Adults get too uptight these days.  There's nothing wrong with taking a few moments during the day to play, and we should respect that.  No mudpies, though.

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  1. I'm a bit of a Quantum Physics nerd, but more in the science fiction, worm-hole story plot, kind of way. String theory makes me giddy. My whole family are soccer nuts too. My husband has played, coached and worked as a ref since he was a kid. My daughter played from the time she was five, and into college. Love the game.

  2. Wow, I am impressed at your tense catching ability. You would be a good copy editor.

    I am a science/math person. When someone tells me their tragic experiences in math class. I understand. That was me in English. I approach grammar like a mathematician which doesn't always produce the best results.

  3. This was great to learn so much about you in one post. I also hoard books. And love cheese. :)


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