Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How the Zombie Apocalypse Really Got Started

Jorge found Celestine's appetite titillating, but he knew that what he had in his head would never satisfy her. Her desires were beyond him. Still, where was the harm in one little bite?

Trifecta's prompt for this week is the third definition of the word SATISFY. Sorry, but I'm on a zombie kick this week, after a particularly riveting episode of The Walking Dead.


  1. You do this so well. Every single time
    Plus, I love your new haircut!!!!

    "Just one little bite" (like a cupcake? *Wink*)

  2. *hahaha* This is so very funny! "What he had in his head" made me laugh out loud. :)

  3. The first bite is always where the downward spiral starts...

  4. I could well believe that this was how a great many pandemics started! Good piece!

    1. You've stolen my very thoughts, Joe! LOL

  5. Givin' it up for love, Jorge! Also, gotta love 'titillating' in a zombie tale. Fun post, Tina!
    (Apology accepted.)

  6. Oh this is not going to end well, but I bloomin' love how it all starts - great write! Thanks for linking up!

  7. Haha, so clever! Just one bite - that's what I say with chocolate, but it never ends there :)

  8. Nice change of pace for the prompt here; I don't think I've seen another horror piece of the others I've read. You capture the foolishness of love (or lust, as the case may be) so well. I adore how you turn the tables on (some men's) leering and making him the quasi-sexual object (where she wants the gray object in his skull) instead of her. Finally, as others have pointed out, "titillating" is fantastic word choice, foisting him from the get-go into the objectified role, which he seems more than willing to be in, if only to offer a little bite (now, as to what he feels he gets in the bargain . . . ? a sort of taken-for-granted immortality, I guess).


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