Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Hefty Dose of Random

I really, really hate it when I see someone speeding in a place where I got caught speeding.  I feel singled out. Like I am the only person ever given a ticket on this particular stretch of road. Hmph.  Darn cop was probably on the lookout for me.  If I am getting a ticket, everybody else who speeds at that particular intersection should get a ticket.  I have not even seen that cop car sitting there since I got a ticket!

Why do the soccer uniforms for the USA team make them look like gondoliers in Venice?  Who thought that would be a good idea?  I'm not even the least bit fashionable, and even I know that horizontal stripes are a bad idea unless you weigh less than a toothpick.  And even then, it's an iffy thing.  I don't know why clothing designers try to foist that stuff on us, except as a cruel joke.  They make the clothing smaller so it doesn't fit, and then put horizontal stripes on it so we will feel bad about ourselves and buy lots of diet products.  I may be on to something...

Source: nj.com via Tina on Pinterest

Why do cats have to claim whatever you are reading?  I've had cats lay down on newspapers, magazines, books, even pamphlets.  If I am paying attention to it, a cat shows up and plants their butt on it.  But the cake was taken today when my cat Pounce claimed my Kindle.  She just got in my lap and laid down right on top of my reading!

I saw this e-card, and I thought of all of you!  And, of course, now I am hungry...

Source: someecards.com via Tina on Pinterest

I have elevens. I haven't been watching This is Spinal Tap. When you have a lot of pain, such as migraines, you often furrow your brow.  Over time, two lines tend to form between your eyebrows, marking you.  Some people only have a one instead of an eleven.  It's like a secret club.  Do you have elevens?  Does all this sound like a commercial for Direct TV, where you're not supposed to attend your own funeral as a guy named Phil Schifly?

We may be hitting the beach for a couple of days this summer, and I would like to have a pedicure to go with my pasty white skin.  I don't usually get pedicures, but I am going to spoil myself, dammit!  So, when one gets a pedicure, is it best to go with the colored nails or the French manicure? If colored nails, should you go demure or bold?  My tendency is toward bold, edgy colors, such as purple. But that sort of polish tends to chip more quickly, in my experience.  Also, should I disguise my hammer toe with a catchy silver ring? Minus the snakes, of course! (Those are not my feet. My husband would divorce me if I had snakes on my feet. Well, after he woke up from his faint.)

I am randomly going to be swinging by Stacy's place today. Join  me!



  1. Elevens? Something new for me to worry about...or wear with pride? Let's go with the latter since I don't have any cupcakes on hand!

    1. Wear the elevens, if you ever get them, with pride. You're a survivor!

  2. I LOVE your randomness today! I have elevens and try to spend time rubbing them out. It doesn't work so I turn to cupcakes (have a great shop in my town called Jennycakes). when I turn to Cupcakes my clothes start to pinch me. It's a vicious cycle for sure!

    1. It's a very vicious cycle, indeed. I may need a cupcake to cope...

  3. I wouldn't be happy to see speeders not getting caught in the same place I was caught, either. ;)

    I'm giggling over the USA soccer uniforms - you're so right, they do look like Gondoliers! :)

    I have that same conundrum with my cats. Apparently when they want attention, they want it NOW. When you want to give them attention, they sort of mock you. ;)

    I think I need a cupcake now...

    11's? Now I'm going to have to look in a mirror and see if I've got 11's going on...

    I usually go with bold colors on my tootsies...I think my hubby would think it would be cool to have a snake on my feet! Me not so much.

    Wino Fun – the Results Are In! And a Happy Dance: Talk To Us RTT Rebel

  4. My boys would love to see snakes on my feet--I'd handle it OK, but would need to wash my feet immediately after they were gone. As for polish--I go with lighter colors in the early summer and darker colors in the late summer--go with the color that speaks to you.

  5. That's one thing my cat hasn't taken over, my kindle. But whip out a pattern It's History!
    I go bold with the toes.

  6. I just freaked out by seeing that snake. That girl is CRAZY! Not for any amount of money would I let those things on my feet.

    Well, wait. Maybe for a million or two.

    Anyway, the last 2 times I got pulled over, I was going less than 10 over and I only got warnings. WHEW. Plus, having Emma in the backseat helped me I think.

    Yes, the stripes are a big fat NO. Maybe we'll hire a new designer next year. Thanks for linking up!

  7. the toes paint is awesome. how cool is that, is the snake real though? You're brave. Visiting from RT

  8. I don't care for those stripes but I do throw caution to the wind from time to time and wear them.

    Elevens? I'm confused. What is this?

    Go for something bright and bold on your toes if you're not tan and a French if you are. Whatever you do stay away from the snake look, both real and fake!

    Knock on wood I haven't been pulled over in a very long time but I agree with you I want to give the cop the low down on everyone else I've seen doing worse things than me! Sometimes I wonder if they just pull people over because they're bored. Aren't there drug dealers and rapist that need to be caught?

    Thanks for joining the party!

  9. I have elevens. :(

    And go with the bold color... pedicures are supposed to be fun, so go bold. a good shop should do several top coats so it should last a while and not chip.

  10. So great that my glasses disguise my 11. I think they do, anyway. Either that, or everyone else is too polite to mention the 11 - then again, maybe it just means my glasses are no longer the right prescription?!?! For the nails, go with BOLD! Vampire RED means no one will notice the pasty white - and I've found my toe ring to be the ultimate piece of low commitment jewellery!!!

    See? Random is catching!!!!


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