Thursday, March 4, 2010

Signs of Spring!

Yes, the sun was shining today, the temperature was positively balmy, the weeds that are my lawn were swaying gently in the wind.  Spring is on the way.  I especially know that it's almost spring because we got our letter from the homeowner's association telling us that we need to mow the lawn.  We get one every year about this time.  As if we didn't know this. 

Last year we were in a drought.  All of our grass died, and lots of hardy weeds showed up.  Since they were greener than the grass, we let them hang around.  But now that the drought is over, it's time for us to get outside and work in the yard.  I'm not pulling up any weeds.  No, I'm going to kill them with weed killer.  Or at least that will be the first attempt.  Usually spraying the weeds around here with poison just encourages them, but I'm hopeful that this particular poison is effective.  In between the weeds is a lot of dog poop.  Literally.  My MIL's yappy dog Rascal, the only dog I have ever wanted to punt for yardage, is a little poop machine.  There isn't any place in the yard he hasn't visited with his little turds.  So when we clean up the yard, we will have to do something about the poop as well.  Then we will have to pick up all the little bits and pieces of toys that my son has thrown all over the yard, including spoons, Megablocks, and the odd FisherPrice toy. They lie buried in the tall weeds, and will probably only be discovered when the lawn mower hits them, but maybe we will find a couple.    Then I plan on throwing down some dirt and grass seed to see if I can get some sort of an actual lawn back.  Because I do like the feel of a nice cool lawn underneath my bare feet in the summer. 

One of my favorite childhood memories is of rolling down a hill over and over.  We were at someone's house in Germany and they had a really nice hill behind their building that was perfect for rolling down.  I wasn't yet allergic to grass, and it was a beautiful day and the grass felt cool on my skin.  I associate that day with the Bellamy Brothers' song "Let Your Love Flow", which is still one of my favorite songs. 

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