Tuesday, February 23, 2016

100 Words: Last Words 1942

The paper was so thin, and the ink from my pen was soaked up, spreading into spidery veins of the page. Tearing a page from an old book was not an ideal way to leave a note, but I had no other choice, hiding in the library storage room. 

The soldiers were entering the front of the building, barking orders.  The stomping of boots became louder, and compelled my hand to hurry.

"My name is Olivia Schwarz.  I was here.  I lived. Don't forget me, World."

I stuffed the piece of paper in another book just before they found me.

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  1. That was one great cliffhanger. Thanks for joining in...

  2. Tina! What a great 100! Reminiscent of Anne Frank. I enjoyed this - and want more.

  3. Is it strange that I found relief in thinking "she must be okay because she is telling the tale". Your creativity sure is back!

  4. I neeeed to know what happens next!


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