Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday Bonding

My husband is all about the bargain.  If there is an object that he wants, he researches high and low on the reputable websites.  Larry will drive all over town to find a deal. Sometimes he'll even drive to other towns.   This has allowed us to get some otherwise expensive items for less, so I'm not too upset about this particular habit.

Larry has been perusing the Black Friday deals all month, reading articles, researching online.  He's been looking for certain items, like movies, or specific toys.  And this time, he has a helper.  Zane has developed a newfound interest in bargain hunting.  He's been sitting with Larry, their heads together over a flyer or a website, perusing the potential sale items.  I've figured out that Zane is way more interested in the toys, but he and his father are also bonding.  They've developed a language of Nerf items, Star Wars action figures, and soccer.

I don't mind.  While the two of them are discussing those things, they are also discussing money, and percentages, and discounts.  Math-like stuff, that I not only dislike, but am horrible at.  At least without a calculator.  When I go shopping, I am all about the convenience, not about the bargain.  But math is part of life, as much as I wish it weren't so.  Zane needs to learn about all that math stuff from somebody.  Why not from his dad?  They're building up their relationship, having fun, and he's learning new things.

I'm good with that.   They can look all they want; most of their bargain hunting is window shopping, anyway.  Nobody in our family is the least bit interested in actually shopping on Black Friday, because that involves getting up wayyyy too early. 


  1. I was good in math in school. I thought the topic was usually dull. As an adult, I think my math ability was fostered by learning to sew in elementary school. Patience and the ability to follow a pattern are a big part of sewing. Plus bargain hunting with my mother. She stretched my dad's pay incredibly which I benefit from today. However, I'll be pushing my mom in a wheelchair through K-mart to buy items we do not really need today. I would rather work in my yard.


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