Monday, October 19, 2015

You Can't Post That!

"You can't post that picture, Mom!"  Zane informed me.

"Why not?  I'm dressed."  I replied. "What is wrong with this picture?"

"That hat looks funny."  Zane was emphatic.  He was issuing a firm veto.  I could see his point.

"It does look funny," I said. I couldn't find mine before the game, so I grabbed Larry's hat instead.  "But I'm posting it any way."

Zane didn't respond; he'd wandered off.  Seven year olds aren't known for their attention spans. He had wandered into another room to finish some sort of war between his Legos and Minecraft figures.  He had made his wishes known, and as his mother, I'm supposed to cater to his whims.  Children are little dictators sometimes.

There's a little part of me that always wants to do the opposite of whatever people demand of me.  I guess I have a bit of rebelliousness in my bones. My parents could share numerous stories of my many attempts at stepping over their boundaries. If someone tells me that I can't sit in a particular spot, it just makes me want to park my backside right in that very spot.  It doesn't really matter who is telling me that I can't do a thing; a challenge has been issued, and I must respond.  

So I hit that 'publish' button. It's these little harmless rebellions that keep that smile on my face most days. 


  1. I am EXACTLY the same!!!! You will appreciate this. I am turning 60 this week and my husband and sister-in-laws were appalled that I asked for a Jimmy Fallon baseball jersey and a sweatshirt from the NBC shop. They said "those are NOT 60th birthday gifts", they felt I should have asked for expensive jewelry. That is NOT what I am about. They all think I am insane, but do I care? NOOOOOOOO..............yes I am immature and I wouldn't have it any other way! YOU ROCK! xoxocatchatwithcarenandcody

  2. Oh man, does anyone double dare. LOL, you look good, cap and all.

  3. You remind me of DD2, she is still that way, I was the child who did what she was told to do. I wish I was more like you and my daughter.

  4. Unfortunately, Tony learned the secret to me early on... tell me I can't do something, and it's game on!!!!


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