Saturday, January 17, 2015

Review: Reese's Spreads

I like to try out new things, and that hasn't changed as a result of my cancer.  Trying new things is good for the brain and the spirit, I believe.  And who knows?  I might find a new favorite while I'm exploring! 

So when the folks at sent me a VoxBox of Reese's Spreads to try out for free and review, I was pretty excited.  I love chocolate, I love peanut butter...and I love Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  I'm old enough to remember when they first showed up at candy stores.  Back in the day I ate quite a few of them, reveling in that perfect chocolately-peanut butter taste. Now that I'm older, they're still a treat. 

But would a spread be equal to the flavor I've grown to love so much?   I had to know, so I grabbed a spoon, opened the jar and dove in.  And...YUMMMM!!!   Perfect chocolate-peanut butter taste!  It was as if I were eating one of those delicious treats.  I was in chocolate-peanut butter heaven. 

That wasn't all.  Because it's a spread, I was able to try Reese's Spreads on several other food items.  Apples, pears, crackers, and pretzels--all were slathered with chocolate-peanut butter and devoured.  Reese's seemed to complement everything perfectly. 

I had so much fun trying out Reese's Spreads, in fact, that the jar of delicious was gone before  I knew it.  I was sad until I spied Reese's Spreads sitting on a shelf in the peanut butter section of my local grocer.  Naturally I had to purchase another jar.

For experimental purposes, of course. 


  1. That photo has a slight blur to it...was your hand moving quickly towards your mouth? I get that! Sounds like something I am eager to try...I mean stay away from...I mean try!!!!

  2. WOW, it sounds heavenly! Now I will have to look for it and buy it! ♥


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