Sunday, July 7, 2013

Oops! I Missed A Milestone

I just realized that I've had over 1000 posts. There I was, not paying the least bit of attention, writing like a good blogger,  and then I noticed my post count was 1100-something. It took a moment to compute, that number.  My brain knew that there was something important about that number, but it just...couldn't...focus.  To be fair, focusing is very difficult in our house, with a five-year-old yelling at the dog, a dog barking at the boy, the television tuned to a lively soccer game, and a million things to do.  (As someone who is very distracted by auditory stimuli, some days I don't know how I make it.)

And then it hit me.  I've hit 'publish' more than 1000 times.  I've thought of something to say, something to write, over 1000 times.  Me, the person who does well to remember the names of her own child on a day to day basis.  Me, the person who has difficulty committing to a magazine subscription, because it's too much work.  I did all that. That's a pretty big deal, if you think about it.   

I have to thank my husband, who fusses and grumbles at me when I stay up too late writing, but who reads my blog and tells me when he likes a post.  I have to thank my son, the subject of many a blog post; I've tried not to say anything which might require therapy in adulthood.  I have to thank Jillsmo, the crazy hippy who got me to start blogging, even though she never calls anymore because she's a rock star. And I'd like to thank all of you, my blogger friends, for reading and commenting and writing such insightful, wonderful blog posts yourself.  You guys keep me inspired.

I've been blogging for more than three years.  I haven't always been consistent.  I haven't always been interesting.  I don't stick to one subject(hence the name of the blog).  I sometimes use memes to help spark my flagging creativity.  I sometimes make absolutely no sense.  But I'm here, and it still makes me happy to blog.

I guess that you're stuck with me.


  1. CONGRATS on well over 1000 posts! I won't hit that mark til next year (I'm at 800 something)....we are blogging almost as long as each other! I will hit 4 years in the Fall. Trust me, I KNOW how hard it is!

  2. YAY!!!!!!

    Stuck with you, I'm hearing Lionel Ritchie...OH DEAR GOD.
    So glad I read your blog, so glad you let me..LOL.

    you are a wonderful writer, a fantastic gal with a really interesting, creative, phenomenal blog.


  3. Congratulations!!! Maybe that's the sign of a 'real' blogger - being more interested in writing than in the milestones, that is!! Either way, I'm grateful!! Here's to the next 1000!!!


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