Thursday, June 13, 2013

Six Random Facts About The Man and Me

My husband and I have been married for most of the 21st century.  That sounds like it's been a long time, doesn't it?  It's like it all went by in a blur. We have a lot of random between us these days, so it's kind of difficult to pick just six facts.  But I think that I've narrowed it down. 

1)We are both major procrastinators.  I still have boxes left over from our move into this house--twelve years ago. My husband promised to recaulk the shower four years ago--and it still hasn't happened.  We don't intentionally procrastinate--or at least I don't--but other things always seem to get in the way:  work, illness, trips, children.  Neither of us is very interested in the chores that are necessary to the functioning of the household; we'd rather be reading books, playing video games, going to the movies, or going out to the soccer fields than engaging in mature or responsible adult behavior.  Eventually we'll get to whatever it is we've put off.

2)Our first date was dinner and The Blair Witch Project.  What better date movie than that?  Not only a horror movie, the shaky cam made me downright nauseated.  Good thing that I ate that big huge meal at the Olive Garden!  I finally learned to stare at the corner of the screen, and the crisis was averted.  That would have been embarrassing, to hurl on the first date.  At least, I think so. Larry had a big crush on me, so maybe he would have overlooked it.  Unless I threw up on him; that's kind of hard to overlook.

3)I got Larry hooked on Buffy.  Before he dated me, Larry was not into watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  He thought it was just fluffy television, where the main character just looks pretty while not doing much of anything.  He hadn't been impressed with the movie, so he figured that the TV show wasn't much better.  I finally got him to come over and watch the show with me, and he loved it. Then we had to get all of the previous episodes and watch all of them, so he could catch up, because Larry doesn't like to start a show in the middle.  I didn't mind watching all the episodes I'd already seen, fortunately!

4)We both had fathers who were gone a lot.  Larry's father worked for Union Pacific for 53 years, and he was gone a lot.  My dad was in the military and was going to school and working three jobs, and he was gone a lot.  Consequently, we spent a bit of time with our mothers.  My mother was all about "solve your own problems" unless that involved messing up her kitchen; she stressed independence and never fussed over us a lot.  Larry's mom still fusses over him, and he's in his forties.  I guess that's an only child thing?  When we first started dating, he was talking to his mom up to five times a day, and she was buying his clothes for him.  My mom never calls me, although she will text. 

5)Larry was a dog person before he met me.  Larry had a beautiful yellow Lab named Sandy when we started dating.  I had Isobel and Morris, my adorable cats.   Isobel would "yell" at us if we came home too late, and Morris was always trying to jump into Larry's car to hang out.  Larry soon grew to love both of my kitties, especially Isobel, who lay purring on the bed with Larry while he was recovering from surgery.  He decided that he loved cats, and proceeded to bring in three more cats over the years, because you can never have too many cats. 

6)I know a little about a lot of things, Larry knows a lot about a few things.  Ask me a question about some obscure topic, and there is a good chance that I can answer it.  If I can't answer it, I can at least point in the right direction. I have bits and pieces of random things that I've read, songs I've heard, paintings I've viewed, museums I've perused--all jumbled up in my head, waiting for someone to ask me.  I'm afraid that I get like Cliff Claven from Cheers on occasion, which is embarrassing to admit.  Larry, on the other hand, can recite passages from Tolkien, including the Silmarillion.  Larry can sometimes even tell you what page to locate the information. He has studied all the maps and memorized all the family trees, and read and reread the books.  He is obsessive to detail and rereads everything until he has it committed to memory.  Need to know something about George R. R. Martin's works?  Want a comparison of The Walking Dead graphic novel to the television series?   Need to ask a question about an obscure character on the X-Files?  Need to know the issue number in which the Batman fought the Joker with a dead fish?  Larry can do all that.  It's kind of scary, but it works.

So what are some random facts about you and your spouse? 

Mamakat's prompt:  List six random facts about you and your husband.
1.) List 6 random facts about you and your husband. (example here) - See more at:
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1.) List 6 random facts about you and your husband. (example here) - See more at:
1.) List 6 random facts about you and your husband. (example here) - See more at:
1.) List 6 random facts about you and your husband. (example here) - See more at:


  1. My husband was a dog person. I was a cat person (and had two when we met). He claimed to be allergic. I told him he could get shots. He is now a cat person. Hah! Winner!

  2. My husband and I have been married almost 18 years. I cannot believe all of the movies and concerts we went to in the first couple of years we were together BC (before children) compared to...AD (after dependents)...yikes!


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