Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Random and Not At All Weird

Zane's teacher sent all of his projects home before the last day of school.  I asked Zane what this was, and he said that it was 'lightning'. Okay.  I think it sort of looks like an elephant or whale of some sort, but it's still sparkly.   I am thinking of scanning some of my son's better art projects and heading to Shutterfly to make a book for the grandparents.  Also, if anything happened to his art, such as a random dog chewing them up(Maisy LOVES ripping paper apart into tiny pieces that take forever to pick up!), then we still have a copy.  I'd like to start framing some of his work, and putting it up around the house.  

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, which is right up the road from here, had a big announcement this past month.  One of their giraffes gave birth to TWINS!  Both are healthy and growing fast.  But let's think about this for a moment.  Giraffes are very tall.  They have rather spindly legs that look barely able to support themselves, let alone an extra bundle of joy.  That poor Mama must have been staggering around there toward the end, with all that extra weight.  And you know that babies move all over the place during gestation, so she probably listed to port or starboard at least once a day.  And then those poor babies were welcomed into the world by...falling about ten feet. SPLAT!  "Welcome to the world.  No crying.  Get up and walk it off.  And stay out of the landing zone, because your brother is on the way."  Yeah, Giraffe Mama probably doesn't talk to her babies like that, but you never know.  Giraffes are pretty hardcore.  

Everyone I know has been completely traumatized by Sunday night's Game of Thrones episode.  Don't worry, I am not spoiling a thing--I promise!  Even people who have read the books, those who knew what was coming, were completely disturbed by what happened.   There's talk of support groups, and therapy.  It was disturbing, indeed. Even as desensitized as I am, I was uncomfortable just reading about it. However, those who feel as though they've suffered the loss of a fictional character are not crazy. It turns out that it is perfectly normal to build attachments to fictional characters.  People do it all the time.  Yay me! 

June is gazpacho month at one of my favorite lunch hangouts.  I usually order 32oz  and that is my lunch and dinner.  I love that stuff.  And the other day I figured out that salsa is a form of gazpacho, and my day was complete.  It was a real epiphany, mostly because I had only a single jar of salsa left in the work fridge and I did not want to have to drive anywhere to eat lunch.  So I ate the salsa, and life was grand. 

FAO Schwarz has some interesting toys.  This is a scorpion.  It is part of a kit which also contains a spider, a mantid, a lady bug, an ant, and maybe a bee.  Zane loves bugs.  Okay, he likes to look at them, but he does not like to touch.  It's a sensory thing.  I was the same way.  I don't like how the little legs feel on my skin.  Except for cockroaches.  I disliked them on sight, and the fact that my parents let me see the movie Bug when I was probably wayyyyy too young did not help. But stuffed animals that are bugs?  Not a problem!

For goodness sakes, go visit Stacy today. She's awesome!



  1. When the kids were little an I was still home with them, summer was the best times, I would dream of the perfect summer but it was all about them. So we had fun together.

  2. What a great idea scanning and turning some of Zane's art into a book for the grandparents! I might have to borrow that idea. :) I need to scan some of Princess Nagger's projects she brought home - we have a shredder dog, too. And one of our cats likes to turn PN's papers into confetti as well. :)

    Giraffe twins? Bet that was an amazing sight! Well, expect for the 10-foot splat upon delivery. :)

    I love your justification for eating a jar of salsa. You're my hero! :)

    Princess Nagger likes fake bugs, too - thankfully not the real kind. :)

    Summer Break Has Begun with Boredom Already Setting In, Teen Flip Flop Entrepreneur and a Cool Mascot: RTT Rebel

  3. That's a great idea to make a book with kids artwork! I want to start framing some of my kids' art too. They bring so much home I'll have to have a rotating board or something too.

    1. They have some frames that you can place multiple pieces of art into and then rotate them. I'm considering one of those.

  4. Oh Lord that episode. I've still not watched it. I read the books and know exactly what is coming but from what I read it's WORSE in the program. Hold me???

  5. What a fantastic idea for the artwork! Make one for yourself too. I am sad to say that we don't watch game of thrones (and I thought getting rid of HBO was no big deal). I suppose I could start reading (keep forgetting it was books). Love the lightning elephant!


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