Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Art of Being Lazy

Yesterday started off busy.  We were supposed to be up with the sun, dressed and ready, for my son's first soccer game.  The very idea of us being up early on a Saturday must have caused a disturbance in the Force, because when I got up, the ground was wet.  It had 'misted', spit, tinkled, sprinkled--whatever you want to call it.  It did this enough to cause the soccer games to be cancelled, since the commissioners did not want small children playing in the mud.  No, the mud on the field was to be reserved for the older kids, their white uniforms notwithstanding.  Larry took Zane to his grandma's house for a visit, and I was alone.

The sudden reprieve ended up being a blessing, because I got to be lazy today.  I'll say that again, just to make sure that you heard me.  I got to be lazy today.  How often does that happen to any mom?  I decided to take advantage and live in the moment.  I took at least two naps.  I finished two books.  I read the paper.  I sipped at my coffee while it was still hot.  I started a new book.  I took a long shower and actually shaved my legs.  Later, we all watched Wreck-it Ralph

It was a pleasant day with no hurries or worries.  How often does that happen?  Usually, when I have a moment to be lazy, my brain suddenly remembers this very long list of "honey-dos" that would keep even the most efficient person busy until Christmas.  Today, the list maker part of my brain shut down.

Tomorrow we will all be on the crazy train again, running to and fro and back to trying to keep up with the movement of life, this appointment, that appointment, etc.  And that's okay--I am not knocking a single moment of that slice of chaos.  I wouldn't trade it, ever.  However, that doesn't mean that I won't enjoy the occasional lazy day.

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  1. Now that I am retired, I find I am refining the art of being lazy, somedays I actually feel guilty about it, but most of the time, I like to be able to do what I want without appointment, restrictions and kids. I miss the grandkids, but it is kind of nice that I don't get called from my naps with "Mom, can you watch the kids.

  2. I love lazy days because I love getting nothing done! I get them more often because the kids are away at school but someone always has something for me to do. And I'm so happy you had one and tore up that to-do list into little pieces. What books did you finish?

  3. Ah... the lazy day. Tried to have one of those today, but Youngest decided he wanted to cut his own hair and we were off to PROCUTS to make it look less "bowl like".

    Good times, good times.


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