Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Grandly Random

I love this cat.  Look at that face!  He's controlling me with his eyes, because I just want to go find some kibbles to give him.  Maybe bacon would cheer him up.  Bacon always cheers me up.   But the saying that "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger," just isn't always true, and hence this picture that I found on the internet is hilarious. Because I love that little face!

Over the Spring Break holiday, I took my son to the local 'Kiddie' Park to ride some of the amusements.  I was struck by the proximity of these two signs to each other. Did the presence of the first sign, with the absolutely horribly incorrect apostrophes, drive people to seek alcoholic relief?  I know that I wanted a drink after seeing that, but only because I couldn't climb up there and fix the errors. The one thing that I have discovered about horrible typos on signs is that people tend to get upset when you try to make corrections to it.  I once told a waitress that corn was not spelled with a K and I had to tip her extra just to keep her from spitting on my food.

We have been having our soccer practices in a ditch.  The city of Schertz, where my son's team normally holds their practices, is remodeling the soccer fields.  So what are the children supposed to do?  We moved to some church property behind a horse racing track.  And they put all the smaller children in the drainage ditch.   I can understand the appeal--the sides of the ditch are a barrier against randomly kicked soccer balls traveling further than anticipated, and the children are sort of naturally herded in one spot.  However, as I explained to my husband during the first practice and consistently since, my child is in a ditch.  That bothers me.  One coach whined about the ditch and got moved to a regular field.  Nobody likes whiners, but the squeaky wheel gets the grease. 

While we were at the field, Zane realized that he had to pee, so we headed to the porta-potty.  I open the door, Zane walks in, the door closes, and then my child freaked.  He raced out and emphatically told me that there was a 'bee' in there.  I opened the door and looked, and found a yellow jacket wayyyyyy up in the very top of the potty, nowhere near my son.  I looked at Zane.  This is the kid who has to watch Monster Bug Wars on YouTube at least once a day.  This is the kid whose favorite show right now is Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan.  This is the boy who stages re-enactments of  bugs attacking other bugs just for fun. This is the child who owns approximately 14,000 books about insects.  And here he was, afraid of a yellow jacket that was minding its own business!  I finally talked him into going to a different porta-potty, so he wouldn't suddenly embarrass himself at soccer practice.

I walked into my office this morning and was hit in the face by an unmistakable odor.  Something had died in our building.  After determining that it was not any human who had passed, we finally figured out that it was some random dead animal.  A random dead animal who had perished in the ventilation system.  They have not removed that critter yet, and I'm taking bets that nobody will get rid of the carcass until the stink reaches the first floor.  That's where the Superintendent has his office, and while we little people can just deal with a dead body stinking up the joint, if the Big Boss is inconvenienced, it is a different story.  That is the way of the world. 

I have not seen any of that new series on the History Channel. It is called The Bible, and I guess that it's been a huge success. However, some people are up in arms over the fact that the person who has been portraying the Devil looks uncannily like Obama.  I've seen the pictures, and yes, there are similarities, but not enough to make a difference to me. 

You may have noticed that I now have BlogHer TV.  I chose a recipe channel so I could get some ideas.  If you see a food topic on that channel that you're interested in, please click on the link and watch the short clip. You don't actually have to buy anything, just click.  If you do that, then I get a few pennies. Actually, any time you're on any blog and you see an advertisement, click on it.  Clicking means that the person will get a couple of pennies.  You don't actually have to buy anything, just click.

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  1. That cat always cracks me up - I want a cat like that! :)

    I think I'd have an issue with the kids having to practice in a ditch - I mean really, a ditch? And I was giggling over the whole yellow jacket minding his own business - Princess Nagger would have had that same reaction. :)

    Ewwww - dead animal smell is nasty! I sure hope they remove the carcass sooner rather than later. Wonder if you can get whatever that goop is you see TV cops use when they are checking out smelly dead bodies? ;)

    I've been watching The Bible series, though I haven't seen the one with devil yet (I've been recording it on my DVR to watch when I have time to kill). I wonder if I'll be thinking "Obama" now? ;)

    I clicked! I have one of those, too - I'll be sure to click yours every time I stop by! :)

    Snow Teaser, Omarosa the Witch, St. Patty’s Day Fun Fail but Pot Roast Win: RTT Rebel

  2. We once had a bird die in the yard, by the side of the garage. It's amazing how much stink can come off of one tiny little animal. I can't imagine the smell, ugh!!!

  3. Ewwwww, I hope the smell hits the super sooner than later! Keep us posted on what it was


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