Monday, March 18, 2013

Evil Monday

See that picture up there?  See those spherical yellow blooms, looking all Whoville-ish?  They're just so cute that you expect to see Horton show up, don't you?

Those cute little puffballs are pure evil.

Those are flowers on the branches of the Huisache(WHEE-SATCH) tree.  At least I think it is a Huisache tree.  Obviously, Google feels the same way that I do about this tree, because they wouldn't give me a straight answer one way or the other. 

I had no idea how many of these freakin' trees were around my house, until THEY ALL TURNED YELLOW AND PUFFY AT THE SAME TIME. 

When I first arrived in Texas, I wasn't allergic to anything.  But over time, my immune system has been randomly deciding to be allergic to odd things.  I used to be allergic to cedar, but not anymore. No, now I'm allergic to live oak and Huisache trees.

So it's the first day back at work for me after a lovely spring break, and I'm all puffy because of the Red Tide, AND I've lost the ability to breathe through my nose.  And the ability to see, because I want to scratch my eyes out, when tears aren't pouring out of them.   By the end of the day, I will have lost my voice, too. 

At least my husband will be happy. 

Are you allergic to any pollen-like substance?  Do you have any weirdly named trees in your part of the world? 


  1. I grew up in Austin, the cedar fever capital of the world, and NEVER had any allergies at all.My poor mother wheezed and sneezed through half the year, and I never understood what was wrong with her. But now that I've lived in LA for the last 25 years, every time I go back to Texas I get HIT with it. It's the worst!

    1. See? The pollen is mad at you for leaving the state!

  2. AAAAAAA-CHOO!!!!! I feel like I am allergic to something new every season. I am considering going for testing to find out just what it is.


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