Wednesday, November 28, 2012


The word for today is hollow.  I'm trying something different today.  Try not to cringe.

Underneath the sweetness
Of your gaze
Lies the sting of impending heartbreak.
And I've seen  
That come-hither smile before. 
The dazzling whiter-than-white
That doesn't quite reach hollow eyes,
Where the dismal, soulless abyss,
That gaping maw that is your heart
Lies waiting to destroy
The innocence of the next woman.
Who needs that drama?


  1. Maybe remove or replace That in line 4? This is not cringe worthy at all, unless you count having that guy in your life.

  2. Love the opening lines and can so relate to what that looks and feels like - we just know, don't we? My mom and I were just talking about how much I used to enjoy writing poetry. I should take it off the shelf again. I also gave you a shout out today on my blog by awarding you the Liebster Award. Thanks for being such a great blog buddy!

  3. There is alot of pain in this one. Very good!

  4. Those pearly whites are the downfall sometimes and they disguise a lot. I loved this poem and especially the last line!

  5. You've captured the manipulation of a predator well. They come in both genders, too :)

  6. You should try something new more often if it leads to amazing pieces like this! If I'm cringing at all, it's only out of jealousy (:

    I laughed at the last line. I'm not sure if it was supposed to be funny, but it got me smiling. What a great dismissal.

  7. Ha! I don't think anyone really needs that drama, but some people must enjoy it because they keep inviting it :)

    Didn't make me cringe at all.


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