Sunday, October 7, 2012

It Makes Me Nervous

optional prompt: it makes me nervous

This prompt made me laugh a little in my head.  Because just about everything on the planet out there,  it makes me nervous.   It's just the way I am.  My entire existence sometimes seems to be a huge bundle of anxiety.
Waking up in the morning?   Makes me nervous.   What kind of day will it be?  Who will I see that I'd rather not see? Who won't I see that I would like to see?  
Getting dressed? Makes me nervous.  Does this color go with plaid?  Why doesn't this fit me today?  Are those heels too tall and am I going to fall on my face while walking? 

Dropping my child off at school?  Makes me nervous.  Do these teachers think I am horrible because I send my child to school with stuff that I know he will eat instead of stuff that is good for him?  How much am I screwing up his psyche today? 

At work?  Makes me nervous.  What major, important, legally binding commitment did I forget?  Which part of the system will break down today?  Who expects me to make decisions for them?
It goes on, day in and day out, this running commentary about all the things that I could be found lacking, my shortcomings, what might happen, and quite often, things that I have absolutely no control over.  It is actually rather ridiculous.  So I've learned to ignore most of the things that make me nervous.  I have forced that little voice into a dark corner in the back of my head, and even if it does make me nervous, I do it anyway.  

Except for cockroaches.  I make my husband take care of those. 

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  1. Boys and spray paint, make me nervous.

    Tony and gassy foods, make me nervous.

    The cat and my white comforter (fresh from the laundry), makes me nervous.

  2. Oh yes to the cockroaches. Except for me it's spiders. No matter how brave I'm feeling, I always call my dad for the spiders. Nasty creatures.

    There are definitely a lot of things to be nervous about in life, but it's not much fun. Hence I avoid performances and have a lot more fun. ;) But challenges! Challenges are good, just scary.

  3. Eeeewww. Spiders and cockroaches! Nasty creatures. I used to be in law enforcement and my mom always laughed at me that I had no problem going after bad guys and dealing with blood but couldn't kill spiders (virtually no cockroaches here - one benefit of MN winters!). Props for going about your day despite all those worries.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed this post!! Your thoughts completely resemble mine.

  5. Surely cockroaches don't make you nervous! They're WAAAAAY more insidiously evil than that - and should therefore be FEARED!!


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