Monday, August 13, 2012

The A-List: Favorite Candy

I confess that I have a serious sweet tooth.  Okay, I have at least thirty sweet teeth.  I try not to succumb to the siren's call of the candy aisle on too many occasions, but my feet will travel there, drawn by the various songs of sweetness that emanate from those bags sitting on the shelf.  It's like some sort of vortex exists around the candy aisle. Any unsuspecting person who passes too close is instantly sucked in, only to be deposited at the cash register with a cart full of candy before they even know what happened. Or is that just me?  Anyway, here's my fab five of deliciousness, at least until I change my mind. 

1.  Gummi bears.  Not just ANY gummi bears.  No.  Haribo gummi bears.  I chew on these, and I'm an eight-year-old kid in Germany again, stuffing my face with all the green bears.  Yes, I sort the bears by color for devouring purposes, and the green ones get it first.  That may be weird to some of you, but I will say that I am not the only one who separates her gummi bears by color.  I love these gummi bears so much that I will NOT share any of my green bears with my four-year-old son.  He can have the red ones, but no greens!  I will pay for his gummi-bear related therapy later, after I finish my green bears. 

2.  Almond Joy bars   I am the only person in my family who likes coconut.  That means that I can purchase a bag of those little Almond Joy bars, safe in the knowledge that not one bar will disappear until I am ready to savor it.  The coconut with the milk chocolate tastes the best, and that almond is the nuts on top of the sundae.  I like the texture of the coconut mixed with the chocolate on my tongue.  I haven't bought any of these in awhile, because I will sit down and eat the entire bag before I even think about it, and each of those little bars has 40,000 calories in it.  Well, maybe not that much.  Maybe only 20,000. 

3.  Bit O'Honey  I have no idea why I love this stuff, but I do.  These are waxy, chewy pieces of goodness, and I don't even care if there's any actual honey in them.  They're sort of like eating a Sugar Daddy, which was pure caramel. This candy sticks to your teeth, and every crown and filling in my mouth is at risk every time I eat a piece, but there I am, chewing down the whole bag.  Thank goodness the bags are small!

4.  Milky Way bars  I love me some caramel.  It is completely awesome.  Milky Ways are full of caramel AND chocolate-y goodness.  It's heavenly.  Snickers has too many peanuts, and their texture seems to take away from the caramel and chocolate, at least in my opinion.  Three Musketeers bars just tease you with fluffy chocolate without delivering any caramel wonders.  Milky Way gets the balance right, and I can get my fix.  I can even stop after one of those little bites!  If that's the only bar available, that is.  Again, if someone leaves a bag of those lying about, it's going to disappear. 

5.  Twizzlers   Not the Red Vines, but the Twizzlers.  Through some random form of operant conditioning, Twizzlers are something I crave while watching movies.  If we are in the theater, I want some of those red licorice-type candy stems.  You'd think that I would be economical, and purchase some at another place before I hit the theater.  You would be wrong.  In my efforts to avoid buying candy, I try to skip buying Twizzlers.  And then, when I am in line to buy popcorn, the packages of Twizzlers taunt me, waving their little red tentacles at me until I grab a package.  It's shameful, I know. 

What sort of candy do you like?  Please share, as it will give me a vicarious thrill!

***Mamakat had this as one of her prompts last week, but I had already planned this one for today. 


  1. Almond Joys are probably first on my list, followed by Reese Cups, I also love Twizzlers but was stunned when I recently learned how incredibly fattening they are. I never thought they were!

    1. It's that hollow part inside. That's where all the calories are!

  2. Ha ha! I had to smile while reading this. Oh Almond Joys! I tried these once while living in the US and LOVE! And also on the Twizzlers...although I have to admit, I can't really tell the difference between these and Red Vines but that's probably because I'm not so much of an American candy connoisseur. I will always remember with true fondness, drinking a coke with a Twizzler...and I don't even like Coke that much! Clearly it was for the experience! I think it was at a Hard Rock Cafe too...


  3. Ooooh, I haven't had a Bit O' Honey in awhile, but have had Mary Janes (those plus Twizzlers are my favorite for nostalgic reasons) 100 grand bars are yummy!

  4. Chocolate covered raisins, candy corn and those small cadbury chocolate eggs at Easter will trip me up almost every time! Never got into the Bit O' Honey but Almond Joys, Twizzlers and Milky Ways are pretty dang good too...come to think of it, most candy gets me in trouble - particularly since I've been pregnant!

  5. The pineapple Haribos are the first to go when I get my hands on them.

    My go to is peanut M&Ms, but I'll also do some damage to a box of Red Vines if given the opportunity.

  6. Gummi Bears are gluten free so they are a staple here. But Tony eats Twizzlers by the pound. It's actually scary....


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