Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shark Week Random

We were watching a Shark Week episode on Discovery.  Sharks Jumping Clean Out of the Water to Eat Things, I think it was called.  We try to watch at least a couple of shark-related shows during Shark Week, since it's more educational than housewives fighting over poodles or people from New Jersey trying to fix their hair.  

"That's David Wenham," My husband suddenly said.

I had been looking down at what my son was doing.  I thought that a shark was eating David Wenham, and that would be a terrible thing.  However, no actual people were being eaten, my husband was referring to the narrator of the show. 

"Uh...who?"  Because while I never forget a face, names are an iffy proposition.  The narrator's voice was vaguely familiar, but no name came to mind to go with the voice. 

"You know...Faramir." 

Ah.  Faramir, Boromir's unappreciated brother from the Lord of the Rings movies. The guy who didn't get to talk about how "one does not just walk into Mordor".   David Wenham does have a lovely voice, very soothing.  Perhaps he was chosen to calm people who might be losing their mind over the sight of a shark leaping straight out of the water. 
There's something downright interesting about watching a shark who is not trying to eat you.  They never seem to stop moving!   We probably taste terrible to sharks, even if a lot of us are as blubbery as seals.  Reports from Florida to the contrary, most sharks tend to spit people back out after a bite.

Sharks seem to collect hitchhikers.  They show those fish with the suckers attached to the sharks, but they've also pointed out some form of lice that hitches rids, also.  Those critters like to hang out at the eyelids--ick. But it seems like sharks have their own traveling ecosystem, which is pretty cool.

I was happy to hear that the force exerted by the shark when he exits the water to hit a seal is such that the seal is probably dead before it hits the water.  I know that seals are food for the sharks, but I don't like for animals to suffer.  It even bothers me when my cat Zena smacks critters around. 
Sharks are only successful at hunting 50% of the time.  Occasionally, the prey wins.  This encourages me on days when I feel more like the bug than the windshield. 

Source: google.com via Tina on Pinterest
The movie Jaws comes out today in remastered, technicolor, blu-ray, high definition, three-dimensional, THX.  I just made most of that up.  I think it's just the blu-ray.  My husband claims that Jaws is his all time favorite movie.  He is very excited about the blu-ray release.  He even asked me if it was okay for Zane to watch it!  My answer was not really printable.  I saw Jaws when I was 9.  I think that my parents took us to see it.  Guess who had nightmares that her bed was floating in the middle of the ocean?  *raises hand*   Those were lovely nightmares, playing upon my fear of the unknown and my fears about water.  Zane would never get into a pool again, and baths would become a chancy thing.  I need to have a clean child, so no movies about evil sharks that hold grudges and decide to kill people in completely illogical ways.

I am hooking up with Stacy at Stacy's Uncorked.  Go check her out.  She's a party girl who probably has watched Shark Week at least once.


I've mentioned that Zane started school this week, but I'll save that for a blog post all its own. There won't be any sharks involved in that one. 


  1. i used to think, after seeing jaws, that when the pool light came on, it opened a door that allowed sharks into the pool. Completely illogical, I know, but I guess we all had our own paranoias after seeing that movie!

  2. I concur with your assessment on how the fallout would be if Zane were to watch Jaws - especially in Blue Ray (or 3D / THX). ;) Princess Nagger mentioned (a little to excitedly for my comfort level) about it being Shark Week - so I've conveniently bypassed the channel on the off-chance she might keep me awake with nightmares or avoid the bathtub. ;)

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  3. I agree with you about seals and sharks. I hate watching the suffering. I now only like nonfiction or happy fiction. No heartaches for me!


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