Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Think I'm Random Today

I'm feeling a bit "off" today.  My brain doesn't seem to want to hang on to any one thought for longer than it takes to register that it is, indeed, a thought.  In other words, I seem to be having a James Joyce stream of consciousness day.  I blame that Lego Alien dude with his green ray gun.  Luckily, my friend Andrea over at Maybe It's Just Me  saved the day, since she introduced me to Stacy, who is reportedly uncorked.  Uncorked is a good way to be, I think.

I am sad to say that my son went into daycare with his pants on backwards yesterday.  I didn't notice until he was walking away from me on his way into his classroom, because well, I'm not really awake when we drop him off.  I'm still on the guilt trip from that one.  To be fair, the boy is all about independence right now, so he wants to get himself dressed, and I have to let him. Right? I guess that I should be glad that he is still asking me which shoe goes on which foot!

We have a family of barnswallows that visit us every year.  I am not sure what the average life span of a barnswallow is, but these seem to be from the same family that has been visiting us since we moved in.  I am enough of a science-geek type that I enjoy watching the birds as they sit on the eggs and struggle to keep those babies fed.  My cat Zena loves the barnswallows, too--she regularly parks herself somewhere under the nest and takes a nap.  I know that she is doing it just to perturb them! Those birds will make a racket and dive bomb her, but she's a cat, and she loves that drama. 

We have had tons of storms the past week, and I couldn't be happier.  Why?  Because we are about a quart low on water around here, so any rain at all is very appreciated.  At least, appreciated by everyone who isn't my husband.  (As you might surmise, he is the one who mows the lawn around here!)   We've had about ten inches of rain over the past ten days, but we could probably do with ten more.  I would really like to plant some flowers and grow some veggies!

Speaking of random, my son told me that "Dogs don't write."  I think that I will wait to tell him that our dog, Sandy, may she rest in peace, used to maintain regular correspondence with several small children in her younger days.  Sandy was a faithful dog as well as a faithful letter writer, even if her spelling and handwriting were atrocious.  I guess that it is difficult for a dog to hold a pen, but perhaps a smart one could learn to type?  Then it could go into politics!



  1. Welcome to Tuesday! Love the backwards pants, and having worked at a preschool I envied the parents who just let it go...like the mismatched outfits the girls put together. I got dive bombed by the first bar swallow of the year this morning. My scientific interest left long ago, and the yearly battle began! Love your alien! Knee deep in series 7 minifigures already here!

  2. My kids ALWAYS go to school with something on backwards or stained. And they are 10 and 11.

    At least they are not naked. :)

  3. We've had a few backwards pants days around here lately. And I hope I never see that alien lego dude ever again, CREEPASAURUS. Oy, no thanks. I'm with you on the rain, so long as it happens while I'm sleeping and I can still jump in the pool during the day. :)

  4. Backwards is the new frontwards!!! I used say, "Oh so what" cause it happened frequently at my house.

    I have morning doves that come back every year to a corner of my front porch. I love them. My husband does not. I have to threaten him not to remove ANYTHING! I want to believe its been the same home for generations of the same family. Wish they wouldn't poop so much!!!

    No rain. I can't believe you've had 10" as we've had virtually none!


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