Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Trust Your Spidey-Sense!

Soccer practice is a family event for us.  I'm the kid wrangler, because my husband gets distracted by parents and coaches and whether the right teams are in their designated places.  There is a lot going on, although from a distance it may appear to be pure pandemonium.  Kids are running in forty different directions, and not always on purpose.

So Zane and I are by ourselves near the road, kicking the ball.  I notice a truck driving by the field...very...slowly.  My spidey-sense tingled, and when your spidey-sense tingles, you pay attention.  For the uninitiated, your spidey-sense is that little voice in your head that says something is not right.  Your brain is trying to help you by sending a few signals your way.  (For more information, read The Gift of Fear.)

I do what you are supposed to do in these situations, and stare at the driver boldly, and make it very obvious that I have noticed him.  The truck drives past, moving slowly away from us.  Zane and I resume our game of "tag the ball with your foot before Mama falls on her butt".  A couple of minutes later, the same blue chevy truck rolls slowly past us in the other direction. 

This time, I look even more closely at the guy behind the wheel, since his window are rolled down. He is not looking "for" someone specifically.  He's not jabbering on a cell phone.  He's just looking.  The man in his blue truck are rolling by so slowly, I could have drawn a picture, if I'd had paper and pen.  I watch him pull into the parking lot on the other side of the fields parking lot. 

He parks.

I take my son with me(I'm not leaving him by himself and I can't find his father) and we casually make our way over there. My main goal now is to get a cell phone picture of the license plate of that truck.  At first it appears that there isn't anyone in the truck.  I started to feel a little relieved. It was just a parent, and he had located his child's practice area. Still, I had to be sure, and as I got closer to the truck it became obvious that the guy was slouching in his seat.  He was staring at me from behind those sunglasses.

I stared right back, and pulled out my phone.  I kept walking until I was at the fenceline. Then I raised my phone to take a picture of the truck's license plate.  The driver started his truck up and left. He didn't even stop to put on a seatbelt.  He was in a hurry, I suppose.  Zane and I watched him drive away from the fields.  We played a rousing game of "Mama will chase you only until she needs her inhaler" until it was time to leave.  

I am not a person who overreacts to innocuous things.  However, that man was opportunistically trolling the soccer fields.  Whatever he was doing there, was not good.  When I told my husband all of this, he seemed unconcerned.  It was obvious that he thought I was being dramatic.

Was I being overly dramatic?   I don't think so.   What do you think? 


  1. I am right there with you! I don't think you can ever be too careful and I applaud your boldness.

  2. Not over dramatic at all. Thing is, he left pretty quickly once he saw you. No good can come from that guy. I'd be calling in the plate # and make and model of his van to police.

    That's creepy, plain and simple.


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