Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Killer Outfit

Mamakat's Prompt: Describe an outfit you LOVED wearing.

My roommate Laura was graduating from college.  I was moving back in with my parents to complete my student teaching.  We were both busy cleaning out closets, packing, and getting ready to leave San Marcos.

Laura has always been extremely proficient at picking out clothing that looked good.  She had amassed piles of clothes; there was no way most of them would fit into her car.  Ever practical, Laura gave many of the clothes that no longer fit to me, including a black pencil skirt.

I loved that black pencil skirt.  It was made of a lightweight fabric with a lining, and it zipped up the back.  It was probably supposed to be knee length, but since I am short the hemline fell about an inch below my knees.  I didn't care.  The moment I put that skirt on, zipped it up, and looked into a mirror, I was in love. 

Then I found a sweater.  It was a scoop neck sweater that had the buttons in the back, with three quarter sleeves. It was clingy at the waistline and the sleeves, but more generous at the bust, so it was appropriate for work.  This sweater was a color of blue that I've never seen again, but this is very close:

I didn't usually wear blues back then, but I put that sweater on, and it just worked.  Wow.  It flattered my skin tone and I felt as though I were illuminated from within!  I got so many compliments about that sweater that my other clothing seemed dull in comparison.

I added that sweater to my much loved pencil skirt one day.  I don't think that I have ever stared at myself in a mirror for that long since.  I have never been under any delusion that I could ever be considered a hottie.  But when I had that outfit on, I sure felt like I was beautiful.  I felt like Cindy Crawford strutting down the runway. (Note: if you don't know who Cindy Crawford is because you weren't born, I won't say a word.)

And not only beautiful.  In that outfit, I felt as though I could handle anything.  I felt confident. I called it my power outfit for that very reason, and I wore it as often as I could, with a pair of black pumps and some pearls. 

Unfortunately, my 'ample' proportions grew a bit more ample over the years and I could no longer wear my power outfit.  It was with a heavy heart that I placed that outfit into the Goodwill bag one cold day.  I only hope that some other less than confident woman found that sweater and skirt, and felt as wonderful in that outfit as I did. 

Of course, if she walks by me wearing that outfit, however, she's going down.   I might actually fit into it again!


  1. What a wonderful shade of blue!

  2. There is no better ego boost than sporting THE perfect outfit! Sounds like that shade of blue is your color. Never give up the hunt to find it again! :)

  3. Remember the old Biily Crystal character who said, "you look maaaavalous!". It's not how you look, it's how you feel. A great outfit does it for you and me too.

  4. Don't you just love when you have the perfect outfit, it just makes you feel wonderful.

  5. That outfit sounds amazing, with a wonderful little sexy, retro "Mad Men" vibe. It's with a heavy heart I've had to part with favorite pieces like these, so awesome when you find something that makes you not only look great but feel great too! Great post!

  6. Why is it that killer/power outfits never come in your size, and can NEVER be replicated??!!


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