Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mamakat: Valentine

Mamakat's prompt for the weekA poem for your valentine.   I can't always stick with what I do reasonably well.  I've written exactly ONE really good poem in my entire life, and this is not it.  But one of the reasons that I write is to 'stretch' myself in various poses not found in yoga.   If this were a ropes course, poetry would be my 'screamer'. 

Love never happens when it's convenient
And ours has been forged in the fires
Of cancer, pain, heartbreak, and death.
We must laugh while we can, and live as large as we two are allowed.
For us, then, let love be a daily display of
Little kindnesses to keep love blooming
The hot cup of coffee on a cold morning
A tissue passed during allergy season
The spontaneous 'I love you' text message
These gifts are as thoughtful as
The sweeping gestures of the grand romance.
Ours should never be a love confined to expression on a single day.

Although a dozen chocolates on any day would certainly be divine.


  1. Awww! I think it's a wonderful poem. Hope you have a great weekend leading up to Valentine's day!

  2. I LOVE the analogy to yoga! I'm not a poet either. Poetry is just not my thing. BUT! I tried!

  3. This is a great valentine poem! I'm a firm believer that love is in the little things and your poem expresses that beautifully!


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