Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mamakat: My Husband's Top Five

Mamakat's prompt: If you HAD to marry a celebrity...who would make your top five list and why? (Let's just pretend you're not actually already married mkay?)

Since I've already written about my top five guys, I decided to ask my husband about HIS top five. He reads my blog sometimes(Hi Sweetie!), so he knew all about my list, and he actually agreed with my hypothetical choices. My husband is cool like that, but I was curious as to how he would handle the question being asked of him.

"Sweetie, if you HAD to marry a celebrity, in order to save the world or something, who would be in your top five?"

Larry did not even have to think about it.

"Jon Stewart," was the emphatic response.

I responded the only way that one can respond in this type of situation.

"Oh?!!" I nodded slowly. "Uh, why?"

"You asked about marrying, you didn't say anything about sex," Larry replied. "I don't know why you would buy into the stereotype that all men would only think of female celebrities in this type of hypothetical situation."

Fair enough. I continued my query, adding the stipulation that we deal with females for a bit. Larry sat there, thinking seriously.

"I honestly can't think of anyone," he finally said. I was undeterred.

"What about Cate Blanchett? You liked her in that hobbit movie."

"No, she is older than me," came the response. I snorted.

"Sweetie, I am also older than you. Quit stalling."

Finally, my husband came up with his five:

Claudia Black from Farscape

Christina Scabbia from the band Lacuna Coil
Tricia Helfer from Battlestar Galactica
Oprah Winfrey
JK Rowling

"I get why you chose the first three," I said. "But why the last two?"

"I'm not really that interested in looks," my husband said. "I am interested in brains. And the money to be able to do whatever I wanted. Plus, those two probably know some really interesting people that I could meet."

I couldn't argue with any of that. That's probably how I'd look at it, too. To save the world, anyway.


  1. i agree with him on that Tricia Helfer girl. she plays the same character in dream sequences on The Big Bang Theory. she's impressive.

    My top 5 is more carnal, not marita. Its also approved by my wife.

    1) christina aquilera
    2) kellie pickler
    3) kaley cuoco
    4) alison sweeney
    5) mariska hargitay

  2. Yes, I clarified in my post that I would not marry them. I would "try them out and be done with them." Mmm, mm.

  3. I wouldn't have to ask my husband, he'll see a pretty woman and say "she is in my top 10 list." There are uncountable women in his Top Ten list.

  4. LOL! I am so going to ask my hubby this question too! Great list and great post...

    P.S. Great blog name...we must think alike...LOL!

  5. Hmm. I like the obscurity quotient of the first three picks.


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