Thursday, October 20, 2011

Things I've Never Done

It's MamaKat time! Today it's "list 22 things you’ve never done".

I am forty-six years old.

And I've never:

1. Walked in Tolkien's footsteps at Oxford.

2. Spent a weekend in a real castle.

3. Hunted ghosts in Europe,(where the history is).

4. Watched the sun rise from a beach on the Mediterranean with my feet buried in the sand.

5. Participated in a celebration of the Solstice at Stonehenge.

6. Been backstage at a Rolling Stones concert to see if they really plug in Keith Richards so he recharges.

7. Sat on the Throne of England and randomly send people to the Tower.

8. Run naked through the White House, chased by the Secret Service.

9. Punched a shark, even if it really deserved it.

10. Gone on a walkabout to find the best glass of beer on the planet.

11. Visited the Vatican Library just to touch all the books.

12. Bought a tattoo after a drunken binge with good tequila.

13. Founded a society for reformed cat ladies.

14. Brokered a peace treaty between two nations who weren't really fighting.

15. Lived out in the middle of nowhere.

16. Built my self-cleaning dream house.

17. Had liposuction/tummy tuck so I can pretend to be a cougar.

18. Went on a vision quest via peyote.

19. Visited Mount Rushmore and cleaned out the stuff that looks like nose candy from a distance.

20. Stood on the top of a Mayan pyramid just because women weren't allowed up there.

21. Won a cursing contest with an actual sailor.

22. Been a guest on The Daily Show.


  1. Are you sure about #8 because there was this YouTube video I saw...

  2. No, that wasn't me! Not this time, anyway. They always watch me too carefully!

  3. I love this list - especially anything to do with Europe. I've never been there. I hope I will someday.

  4. Wow, you and I must have a lot in common! I haven't done anything on your list either.

  5. "18. Went on a vision quest via peyote." All I could think of was "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas!" And just like that, I'm gonna have to follow your blog! Funniest "I Never's" Yet!!!

  6. I'm w/Susan B...haven't done anything on your list either (although I come semi-kinda close to #12, having gotten 2 at once on my honeymoon. And there was much tequila drunketh).

  7. I have lived out in the middle of nowhere and it is over rated. Over Rated.

    PS--happy b-day Z! :)

  8. If you figure out #16 can you build one for me, too? Please?

  9. I haven't done any of those things either.

    But that's ONLY because my sister-in-law has never challenged me to a cursing contest. She's the sailor. But we both know who would win.


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