Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Six Degrees of Jillsmo

I try to read a lot of blogs. I don't always get to comment, because I read blogs on my phone. I still have not become a Jedi master in the art of texting. There may be a special school for that, but until then, I apologize for not commenting more.

But lately, when I am barreling through the blogosphere, I keep running into this chick:

She's pretty hot, for an animated lady, but then I have always been a sucker for curls. And that smile! You just know that she's thinking about running through mud in bare feet. Which is just the kind of cool that Jillsmo is.

But I find myself a little resentful. That mop of curly hair is freakin' EVERYWHERE. Google the name 'Jillsmo'. See what I mean? That is some serious search engine optimization, and I don't even know what the hell that is. It's like I am in high school, and Jillsmo is Ferris Bueller!

I should mention that I've 'known' Jillsmo for years and years via the interwebs, ever since Beat the Geeks aired. She is one of the nicest people on the planet. She gave me one of the very best presents ever when I was pregnant with my son, a fetal heart monitor. That was just the thing I needed, as a two-steps-from-complete-hysteria pregnant lady. Who would have even known that I desperately needed one? Jillsmo. Even hardcore conservatives find her an absolutely wonderful person. She's insightful, sarcastic, and funny. She's actually not anything like me, and that's probably a good thing.

Except for her hatred of cats, she's the perfect woman.

I envy the popularity she enjoys, but I must acknowledge that I can't compete with her. I actually tried the other day, and it gave me a migraine. I just can't be that funny, it's too much pressure. Jillsmo truly deserves all the comment love in the world, and I am not being a bit sarcastic.

In order to get over my blog-envy, I've decided to start a game. I call this game "Six Degrees of Jillsmo". (Nobody copyright that.) This game is sort of like the "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon", except we are only talking about blogs here. Throw out a random name of a blog, and connect it in six steps to Jillsmo.

It's so simple a game that it's perfect! Anybody want to play?

I would have liked to have had a cool badge of some sort, but this entire post is the result of a drunken binge, and I am just not that computer literate. I'll bet that JILLSMO could make a badge, however.


  1. Pooh, sounds like fun! Out of sheer pity, jillsmo was kind enough to work on a blog badge for me little did she know I was so technologically int that I would remain clueless as to how to get it "working".

    I am thinking of a blog called 17 and baking.....go! (or was I supposed to go? My excuse is that I am on the elltiptical starving my brain of oxygen.)

  2. LOL!! I would totally read your blog!

  3. Oops! That really is a blog name, but not mine. Thanks for reading my real blog though! Now on with the connecting!

  4. I'm one degree of Jill! I hate this game ;-)

  5. I am off to search for the most obscure blog ever, to see if we can connect it to her. I'll start with blogs about breeding exotic chickens. Or possibly something related to screen door manufacturing. This is going to be tough. I'll get back to you.

  6. Since this post was the result of a drunken binge I suggest we all get drunk THEN do the six degrees of separation thing.

    While I'm sober this is hurting my brain.

    But here's what I have---let see if we can connect her to roof replacement or something like that. I only say that because I'm due to have men crawling all over my house like ants in the next few weeks ripping up my roof. Breeding exotic chickens is always good too.

  7. You know what this reminds me of? Was anybody on the internet in the early 90's? There was this game called "Web that Smut." The game was to start at any page, anywhere, and see how many clicks it took you to find some porn. Of course, this game is meaningless today, since porn is everywhere, but at the time it was actually challenging.

    Those were good times.

    Also: I love you, Tina :)

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  9. I know! He's mysterious, isn't he?

    Maybe it was Rards? Nah, he never comes here to visit... :-)

  10. I'm super entwined with Jillsmo [and envious - although I do have giant curly hair, so it's like we're twins and I can co-opt some of her amazingness], except I can't even remember how I found her. Or if there was life before her.

    Here's your blog, which I got from clicking Next Blog on Blogger:


  11. Tina, you have me ROFL with this post! Jillsmo is everywhere, isn't she? And we all love her!

    I'm pretty sure that there are some ducks who don't take kindly to her type however. So my challenge is to connect this one up... A blog post about ducks at the Southern Tip of Africa!

    (Scary but I think it can be done!) :)

  12. Jillsmo is certainly only 1 degree from my blog as she was my guest poster once - here: Tee-hee, I love this game!


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