Saturday, May 7, 2011

It's Thorsday

My husband is a HUGE comic book superhero geek. While I know who some of the bigger names in the Pantheon, my husband can recite the superhero family tree in minute, exacting, detail. Without looking anything up.

He's been excited about seeing the new movie Thor. Very excited. What he's been most excited about has been the idea of seeing the movie with his son. Which I happen to think is very cool.

However, I had to be the rain on the proverbial parade. I had concerns regarding this particular field trip.

Concern about my son's age and the resulting attention span of 1/10000th of a second.

Concern about the darkness of the theater once the movie starts.

Concern that Zane will raise a ruckus because he doesn't want to sit still in his seat.

Concern that the other patrons attending will smite us for ruining their viewing experience when Zane throws a fit.

Concern that the loud volume of the movie will scare Zane.

Concern that there might be inappropriate language, or worse...boobies.

Concern that some of the 'monsters' in the movie would scare Zane.

Concern that in the dark, Zane will fall down the stairs if he runs off.

Did I mention that I had concerns? I am the party pooper in my family, sad duty that it is.

Larry listened to all of my concerns very attentively and thoughtfully. Then he told me that he still wanted to take Zane to see Thor. I was incredulous.

Did he not hear all of my completely logical reasons for not taking Zane to the movie theater?

He will eventually be going to the movies at the theater, Larry pointed out, so why not get him started now?

I countered with my final fear that if we had to leave the theater with Zane because of his behavior, we would be out the money we had spent on the tickets.

Zane himself has been ambivalent much of the time. Sometimes if you ask him if he wants to see Thor, he says that he wants to see it. Other times, he says that no, he does not want to see Thor.

Larry stuck to his guns, and he had a plan. He would keep an eye on Zane during the movie, and if Zane becomes rambunctious, he would be the one to take him out of the theater. We will go to the earliest possible show, so there won't be 400,000 people in the theater, Larry told me. That was before we found out that many theaters would be showing the film in 3D. No way would Zane wear the glasses; he doesn't like anything covering his face. Finally,Larry found a movie time that wasn't 3D, at 11:30.

Today is the day. It has been officially deemed "Thorsday" by my husband, and Zane has concurred. Keep your fingers crossed that we at least make it through the opening credits.

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