Sunday, May 29, 2011

An F-Bomb?

Remember way back when I posted about the church that sent out postcards saying that we should "Bring Sexy Back" to church? Those people? They're at it again:


Yep. The F-Bomb. We ALL know what is meant when someone says that phrase. The F-Bomb is a phrase that is used in order to 'say' a particular curse word without actually saying it. It's not really a word that you need to say aloud in church, is it? Maybe if the sermon is really long and your butt has fallen asleep and when you stand up you fall over onto the little old lady in front of you and ruin her best "Sunday Go To Meetin'" hat? No. Not even then.

A random person seeing this postcard would be lead to believe that the pastor of this particular church is okay with the use of the 'F-Bomb'. This might lead a random person to think that it might be entertaining to attend a church service to hear an actual, real-live, preacher man use a curse word in a house of God.

Entertainment is what this church appears to be all about, with these type of titillating post cards, not spiritual growth. The back of the post card announces that the church will be giving away an iPod or iPad(all Apples look alike to me) immediately following the service, which just emphasizes the entertainment aspect, not the spiritual one. Did I mention that all this was to have occurred on Easter Sunday?

The F-Bomb the pastor of the Revolution Church is referring, by the way, to is Forgiveness. Not quite the same thing as what we know about the F-Bomb, is it? This particular pastor chose to use a form of bait-and-switch propaganda to sucker people in. Even if his reasons for doing so are noble(to encourage people to come to church), this man(or whoever designed the postcard) is essentially lying. Should we forgive him for his false advertising?

Forgiveness is a powerful thing, an excellent topic for a pastor to speak about. I have heard many uplifting sermons about forgiveness over the years, and I am sure to hear many more. Forgiveness is a glorious why does a pastor, a spiritual leader of his flock, feel that he has to advertise using such a scurrilous tactic? What does that say about a church? What does that say about the members of that church?

All that aside, I can't wait for the next postcard. What does that say about me?


  1. While I'm a sucker for double entendres (or in this case - a single?), this kind of entertainment does feel inappropriate for church.

  2. I'm working on the "F Bomb" being as easy as saying the "F Bomb".... work in progress.
    ~ Mona : )

  3. Oh dear, our church wouldn't approve at all, nor it's members. Yikes.

  4. It is kind of funny - I agree Forgiveness is an awesome thing....
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