Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bring Sexy Back To Church?


We got this postcard in the mail the other day. At first I thought that some new nightclub or gentlemen's club was opening in the area, but then I read "Revolution Church" at the bottom of the card. On the back were the words, "Join us at Revolution Church as we bring sexy back and look at what God says about sex."

Bring 'sexy' BACK? To church? It left? Are they saying that people used go to church for sex and it stopped? What denomination was this, and why wasn't I informed? Was this before or after all the sex scandals that have been on television and in the newspapers?

Are they saying that if people go to this particular church, they will have sex? Isn't that illegal in most states, particularly if money is handed over? Will dinner be served first? Is the woman posing in those pink stilettos an altar server? Does Billy Graham know about this?

I understand the need for someone starting a new church to want to have "butts in the seats" so the collection take will be greater. I understand the need for some worshippers to require entertainment(singers, dancers, the Tijuana Brass, etc.) to endure their visits to church. I understand that there are a lot of people who know very little about sex and are afraid to ask someone. However, this particular ministry seems to be taking all this to an unhappy extreme.

This is something that should appall people. Instead, it is likely that this church will have a proverbial sellout crowd. Sex does sell, after all.


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  2. I should clarify that I am not saying that it's bad for a church to discuss sex. I'm saying it's bad for a church to use sex to gain attendance.

  3. Wowsers, that's crazy. Now the church is using sex to get attendees? It's bad enough that people don't even dress like they're going to church anymore, i.e. short skirts and clevage showing, poor pastor can't even concentrate on the word, even though he should know it by heart, seeing that they preach the very same messages year after year. LOL I stop going to church years ago and God has not held it against me.

  4. Hmmm...okay, so the series itself seems okay. But, the graphic...and the tagline/title? SERIOUSLY?! That's just insane! You're right, though, they'll probably get people in the seats just out of sheer shock factor alone. A line crossed for sure.

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    Mom In Orbit


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