Sunday, April 17, 2011

Avengers Assemble

My son loves the Avengers animated series that shows on one of the 15,000,000 Disney channels. He sings the song at the beginning, and he's sort of on key, which is good for my ears. We know that it's a favorite because we have recorded the shows and watched them 500 billion times. That's what kids, and some adults, do when they like something: they watch it over and over and over until they've memorized it. I was the same way with Young Frankenstein, so I totally relate. Anyway, the way that Iron Man alerts the others that it is time to bust some villain butt is to say "Avengers Assemble!" Those are pretty big words for a three year old boy, but Zane can say them pretty clearly.

My husband and I watch the show with Zane, at first to make sure that the show was appropriate for him. But later we started to realize that we actually like the show. I like how the characters don't necessarily agree on everything, and they even get into arguments about their mission. The Hulk and Thor even have a knock-down-drag-out in Central Park, which is awesome. None of the Avengers necessarily like each other, but they respect each other. They all have made it a mission to help people and to help wrong rights. Pretty noble stuff.

I love the chemistry between the characters, the sarcasm, the witty dialogue. Each character has serious baggage, such as Ant Man, who hates violence and wants all the super villains to be rehabilitated. Iron Man tries to be in charge, because it's his club, after all. But really, everyone knows that Captain America is the leader. Iron Man knows it too!

I don't know anything about the Avengers universe. When I was a kid and reading comics, I was all about Batman and the DC 'verse. So a lot of this is new to me, and I am enjoying myself through my son's eyes.

Hey, at least it isn't Elmo.


  1. Thank God there's someting out there other than Phinneas and Ferb!! My son's stuck on 3 episodes that he's DVR'ed and I'm ready to stick a fork in my eye. Maybe I'll turn on the TV when the Avengers are on and see what happens....

  2. Better than elevator videos and Wilford Brimley commercials.


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