Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mr. Smartypants Strikes Again

In our efforts to get Zane to increase certain behaviors, we have been using sticker charts. He gets a sticker when he brushes his teeth, picks up his toys, etc. When he gets so many stickers, he gets a prize. This system worked very well for potty training, so we trotted it on over to other behaviors.

Zane really likes getting a 's'prize' He will do just about anything to get enough stickers so that he gets a prize. Most kids will do that. If I think about it, most adults will do that as well.

The other night Larry brushed his teeth while Zane brushed his. After the teeth had been properly polished, the two of them went into the kitchen and counted the stickers that Zane needed to get his prize. They counted out the number of stickers Zane already had on the chart(4), and then Larry told Zane that he needed two more for his prize. He gave Zane his sticker for the night's tooth brushing, and Zane put the sticker on the chart.

"You only need one more sticker to get a prize," I heard Larry tell Zane.

"Daddy, you brush your teeth," Zane said.

"Yes, son, I brushed my teeth," Larry replied.

"You get a sticker!" Zane announced.

"I do? Wow, that is great, Zane!" Larry responded. "But I don't have a chart. I guess I could put the sticker on my hand."

"That's okay, Daddy, I'll hold your sticker for you." And Zane pointed right at the last empty spot on his 'teeth brushed' chart.

I would have given him a sticker just for coming up with that idea in the first place. This is why I am not in charge of the stickers.

So now that I made you laugh, if you would like to contribute to a good cause, follow the link below. Or go to the Red Cross and make a donation--they are very good at knowing what to do in these situations. No pressure--I know that we are all tightening our belts these days.

The Unexpected Mother


  1. I think Zane has a bright future in business. Or better yet, politics. That was brilliant.

  2. You have one very smart little boy! Visiting from the blog hop.

  3. I'm stopping by from the hop - what a smart kid! I would have totally tried something similar as a kid!

  4. I think you're going to have to go out and buy more stickers!!! ;) He's brilliant!

  5. I would totally have fallen for that!


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