Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jobs That Would Suck

Let me be perfectly clear in saying that there is absolutely NO shame in any kind of honest work. Well, except partisan politics. And corporate lobbying. But honest work for honest pay is to be commended, especially in these days of selfishness and greed. If I am completely truthful, however, there are some jobs that I wouldn't last even an hour attempting. Maybe not even five minutes.

For instance, those guys who stand on street corners, holding signs that advertise new homes or a going out of business sale? I wouldn't be able to do that job, even if it paid 50 bucks an hour. The exhaust from passing cars would trigger an asthma attack, my ankles would swell from standing too long, and my arms would give out from holding up that danged sign. And if the temperature is more than 75 degrees outside, I'd probably faint from heat exhaustion. On the other hand, people who saw me out there would likely feel very sorry for me and might give me money to buy myself a chair. And an umbrella to keep the sun from boiling my brain.

I need a job that keeps me somehow occupied mentally. Waiting tables, pumping gas, digging ditches, window washing--these sorts of jobs involve more thinking than most people consider. Holding up a sign for hours--not so much. I would start thinking about how hot it was, and how my feet hurt, etc. It would be as if my aches and pains were several whiny children in the backseat of the car trip from hell. Not productive or helpful. Holding up a sign on a street corner is one job that, for me, would suck.


  1. I could NOT have a job just standing there holding a sign, no way. I can't even stand that long.

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  2. They have these guys out now dressed like the Statue of Liberty standing on the corner for the tax place---couldn't do it!

  3. Yup. That would be a sucky job. I once interviewed a mastermind behind one of those advertising companies. They came up with a new technique of spinning the signs which was suppose to attach extra attention. My thought after interviewing him was.... I bet you wouldn't last one day in that job yourself!


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