Saturday, February 26, 2011

Self-Confidence Can Be Good

We've been hitting the local Chik-Fil-A on Fridays after we pick up Zane. The reason: enclosed, soundproofed playroom for the kids. Larry and I find a seat next to the glass wall, Zane heads into the room to play, and we enjoy some quiet while we eat and keep an eye on him. Nobody is rushing, nobody is complaining, nobody is hungry. Everybody is happy.

Tonight, when we were finished eating, and Zane had played himself out, we helped him put on his shoes. As soon as the shoes were on, Zane took off running, and since I had had my back turned when he did it, I didn't see where he went. I immediately looked toward the door when I turned around. No Zane.

I could hear his voice, I knew he was still around, but I couldn't see him. I heard Larry start laughing. Larry, being taller than me, knew exactly where Zane was.

"What?" I asked him, still looking around for visual confirmation of my child. Then I saw him. Zane was at the front of the store, where you order the food and pay for it. There were four females, including the manager(that's the one with the keys!) leaning over the counter in front of Zane so they could hear him. They are smiling at him.

Uh-oh. Must investigate, and pray nothing expensive is broken or was purchased. Larry was still chuckling. I gave him my best Mom Glare. He finally explained what was going on.

Zane had run right up to counter and told the manager of Chik-Fil-A that he wanted ice cream. Knowing my child, he had a marvelously dazzling smile on his face when he made his request. And do you know what? They GAVE him what he asked for! One of the girls brought him a small ice cream cone and handed it to him. No charge.

I just stood there with my mouth hanging open, mentally stuck for a moment. Then I told the nice ladies "thank you", Zane told them that as well, and we headed out the door.

I wonder if we sent Zane into Best Buy and told him to ask for an iPod...


  1. Independent little guy, isn't he?! What a relief that he was just asking for ice cream. I know that feeling of where is he?!

    And about the iPod, never hurts to ask, right?

  2. I just followed you right back! Thanks for stopping by :) Watch out for Zane, he now knows how charming he is!


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