Saturday, December 25, 2010

Traditions--All About Family

This was the very first year that my husband and Zane and I finally got to have Christmas together, just us. So I wanted to start some traditions that Zane could grow up with and carry on to his own family one day.

We had the Christmas stockings, a tradition started by Larry. I added to this tradition by incorporating the treats from Germany that I used to get for Dec. 6th, St. Nicklaus day, and putting those into Zane's stocking.

Next year we will have the Advent Calendar, to help Zane count the days until Christmas. Nothing helps your counting skills like chocolate.

We did the Christmas lights drive-bys, a tradition started by Zane this year so he could see the lights, and a tradition we will continue at least until Zane is a surly teenager. Then we will still do it just to bug him.

We did the Santa visit, because we wanted blackmail photos for Zane's dating years.

We did watch A Christmas Story at least twice, which is MY tradition, because that is the very best Christmas movie ever.

We also watched Die Hard for the first time after Zane was asleep, and this will be a new tradition. Die Hard is the second very best Christmas movie ever, especially if you like a few explosions with your glass of wine. (And we do!)

The presents from Santa are never wrapped because Santa is a busy man and paper is too expensive for the North Pole to foot the costs. There's no trees up there, and importing isn't cheap!

Mom is automatically the person who picks up all the wrapping paper, according to Zane. Dad is automatically the guy who has to film every second, according to Mom.

And apparently Zane is the only one allowed to open all the presents in the house, no matter what name is on the label.

Merry Christmas to all. And if you don't celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays, whatever they are. No matter the name of the day, or the name of your religion, it's all about family, traditions, and most especially, love.

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  1. Chocolate can claim the glory for teaching my son much of his school-work as well!
    My dude is also our chief present opener. he is well practised at this stage.
    Happy new year!


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