Monday, October 25, 2010

Lay Off Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong is in trouble. Apparently the Feds are after him for alleged steroid use. As if surviving cancer wasn't horrific enough!

Our government gave bazillions of dollars to banks who, at the very least, engaged in questionable practices that cost people their homes, their retirement funds, and/or their jobs. The resulting recession is still affecting us today, and no special prosecutor was ever selected to investigate that I've ever heard. Yet our government plans on spending lots and lots of taxpayer money on investigating whether or not the most drug-tested athlete in any sport took steroids.

If indeed Lance did take steroids? Who has lost their livelihood? Who has lost their home because of Lance? Who has had their retirement funds sucked dry by Lance Armstrong? I have no idea.

What I do know is that when my husband was diagnosed with cancer back in 2000, he was really pissed off. He was so angry that I'm pretty sure that the original doctor who diagnosed him with the cancer was kind of scared, but my husband wasn't angry at that guy. Larry was ready to beat the crap out of something, anything. But there wasn't anything that he could beat on that was going to help him deal with having cancer, so he felt pretty helpless.

Then he found Lance's book, It's Not About the Bike. He started reading it right before he started chemo, and, maybe it's was cliche', but that book really helped him let go of that anger and start focusing on getting better. And the fact of the matter is that Lance Armstrong has helped not only raise money for cancer research and treatment, he has helped inspire millions of cancer patients to fight their way to survival.

So I don't care whether Lance has done steroids. He's a hero to me for what he's done after the Tour de France, and nothing is going to change that. I just hope that other people feel that way, too.

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