Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Important Safety Tip and a Side Rant

If I can see your eyes clearly from a half a mile away before I drive past you, you might want to lay off the frost eye shadow.

On a side note, frost eye shadow doesn't look good on anybody who perspires.Yeah, I went there.

And what the hell does AC/DC's "For Those About to Rock" have to do with cooking blueberry pancakes?

EDIT: Wow. I guess that I have no business blogging while I'm cranky. I haven’t been feeling well, and now Zane isn’t feeling well, and it’s been a particularly obnoxious day. I shouldn’t be taking it out on other people. That lady probably couldn't help it that she perspired and her frost eye shadow became hi-beams to oncoming traffic. She could have taken one good look in her rear view mirror and blinded herself, and I would feel sad about that. Really. I should be grateful that I was wearing my sunglasses so I didn't run off the road.

But I still don't understand what "For Those About to Rock" has to do with blueberry pancakes. What is up with that, Target? Is Angus Young a fan of blueberries? Did Brian Johnson write a jingle about pancakes at some point in his career? Are the blueberry pancakes that woman in the commercial is about to make going to be hard as a rock? Can someone please explain the connection to me? Should I be bringing blueberry pancakes to the next AC/DC concert I attend and fling them onstage instead of certain garments?
I’ve probably said too much…

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