Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Bills Come Due

The bills from my little tachycardia episode are slowly trickling in.  First was my THREE mile ambulance ride--1000 dollars, pre-insurance.  Then the ER physician, who I think I saw a grand total of about 20 minutes about two hours after I arrived--600 bucks, of which my share, after the insurance, is 319 dollars.  Finally, there is my hospital bill, the total charges being 4467.09, of which I am expected to pay 631.77.   I shudder to think what these bills would be if I had actually been having a heart attack. 

On all the bills is this "contractual adjustment", which means that my insurance company negotiated a lower rate with these facilities.  As far as what the insurance company pays, not me.  I guess I'm supposed to be grateful, because at least I have some form of insurance.  But I'd be lying.   It's all a big ripoff as far as I'm concerned.   

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