Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Booster Shot Random

Yes, I had a booster shot.  No. I did not turn into a zombie and run amok among the populace.  I got my shot, and except for some "I got punched in the shoulder" aches and pains, all was well.  I didn't even feel sickly.  From the shot, anyway.  

I usually feel sickly most days right now.  The stress gets me.  I seem to absorb the stress of others, too, while I am at it. They feel better, I go home upset. I find that I am clenching my teeth way more at work, so I don't say what I really want to say.  I have more in common with Roy Kent on Ted Lasso than is probably healthy, but that is what is going on in my head most days.  I may be smiling at you, but in my head there are chairs being tossed.  

My child has gone through FOUR pairs of shoes since August.  He has also taken to kicking a soccer ball against the wall at odd times.  Like when his father and I are watching a show that he specifically asked to watch.  That is pretty odd.  It's like he wants us to yell at him or something, just to check in.  I can't blame him too much. When I was a kid I gauged parental feelings by how freaked out they were.  Nobody freaking out equals everything is cool.  The one time in my life that I completely lost my mind was when my dad said the words, "I think we should go to the emergency room."  

My son is in a PowerPoint Ministry.  Yes, the boy is sitting in a tiny, sweaty room in front of a computer during the Mass, and he pushes buttons so everyone knows what prayer we are on, or the words to whatever song we are supposed to be singing.  You see, they removed all of the missals, and all of the song books from the church because of cooties, but people still need to follow along.  Snoozing in church was never allowed, even if you were a kid.  Except if you were a screaming baby--then EVERYONE wants that kid to fall asleep.  NOW.  But my teen seems to like to be in charge of the computer.  He understands computers, at least, even if he doesn't understand girls yet.  

Does anyone else have the ridiculous urge to find whatever baby is screaming on the other side of Walmart and help them so they stop crying?  I am certainly not one of those who would just let a baby cry, but there are those sorts out there.  I just never saw a point.  It's a baby--they don't know your reasons from a hole in the ground.  They just know that nobody is helping them, and that is just sad.  Not even a year old, and people are letting you down.  That is probably why there is so much anger out there now--somebody just left a baby crying for no good reason.      

Okay, that is it.  But I want you to do something for me.  I want you to look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself something nice about your self to your self.  Nobody else has to know.  For example, I will occasionally tell my self that I have nice calves.  It's just a little thing, but it makes me feel better to be kind to myself.  Now you try it.  


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