Saturday, January 2, 2021

Dumpster Fire 2020: Slapworthy Edition

Yeah, yeah.  I'm late.  Sue me.

2020 started out okay. January 1 was relatively peaceful. After that, it was like we had been pulled into every single catastrophe movie ever made. Fires. Floods. Earthquakes. Every day. I didn't even know such a thing as a firenado even existed, and so add that to the list of things that keep me up at night. Mother Nature seemed to be downright displeased. When she slaps, she slaps hard.  My slaps aren't as crushing, but I still have a few.  

COVID19. And then there was this little virus. Just one tiny little virus.  Perfectly harmless, we were told.  Just like having a cold.  Drink some bleach, and walk it off, they said. I knew it was going to be bad. And it was worse.  Every epidemiologist I talked to was completely freaked out, with good reason. This likely would have been over sooner, if it had been taken seriously.  

Donald Trump. He deserves a slap for every single person who has died in the last year from a disease he has never truly taken seriously.  I know that very soon he won't be president, but still.  There should be consequences for deliberate ignorance when you're in that position.  He played golf while people died.  He gets a slap. 

Fox News.  These guys kissed Trump's backside daily for the past four years.  It wasn't a network, it was a sarcophagus of sycophants.  I was embarrassed for them, the way they kept bending everything to keep the toddler-in-chief happy.  They also downplayed the threat the virus presented, and are in need of a slap. Considering that their main demographic is the very population dying from COVID19, maybe kicks in the butt are in order, too.  

Me. Yes, I deserve a slap, maybe two, for falling down on the blogging job.  So many things have happened, including me trying to earn a doctorate, but that's no excuse.  I will try to do better in 2021, but no promises, because school is kicking my butt so far.  It's actually not the material that I have to learn, I am just not used to having to 'cite my sources' every thirty words.  I'll get over it, eye on the prize and all that.  

Meanwhile, here be kittens.  The one with the righteous mustache is Bootsy Collins, and his sister is named Shadow.  Rambunctious, but at least they amuse each other. 


  1. I was actually surprised when I looked back and saw I had blogged at least twice a month. It was a goal for last year, to get back to writing, even if no one was reading.

    This year's goal is to win bigger in the lottery. Fingers crossed. :)

    So, with exception of you, yes, slaps all around. We hovered around 2% positivity rate for so long while the rest of the country exploded. Now, even we aren't looking good, at 8.6% :(

  2. You go, doctorate girl!!!! I hope to try harder in do what? I am not sure exactly! ;)

  3. I agree with all the slaps except yours. It's okay to step away from the ol' blog. I did after my mom passed away 4 years ago. It took awhile to get back to it, as she was my biggest fan, and it made me sad to write things she wouldn't read. Still not doing more than one or two a week, but at least I'm writing! And doctorate? Holy moly, that's amazing! p.s. kittens are always a welcome diversion


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