Tuesday, June 23, 2020

The 2020 Dumpster Fire

How is everyone?  Everyone still standing?  Nobody coughing?  No fevers?  Wearing masks?  Sprayed for murder hornets?

I am not going to say that I didn't expect some random virus to show up this year, because we have one show up every year, pretty much. I keep track.  When we left school for our March spring break, I had a feeling that we wouldn't be back for a while.  I am not sure where I got that feeling, but since the epidemiologists were freaking out, I knew it wasn't good.  I fully expected the full force machinations of the CDC and the federal government to hit the 'speedy' button to get supplies, etc., out to the country to take care of business.  Silly, idealistic me! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  I thought that these organizations, whose actual job entails preparing for this VERY thing, could run without any sort of interference from those government entities who do NOT have such knowledge or experience.  Donald Trump certainly wouldn't commandeer the whole apparatus to make himself look pretty, no he would not.  He would.  He did.  That jerk took something that was not at all about him, and made it about him.  I am not used to such behavior from a president.  It would be funny, maybe, if so many people weren't dying in such a horrific way.

Quarantine, lockdown, whatever you call it, is NOT for the weakminded.  Who ever you live with is stuck with YOU, and vice versa.  And one of the members of this household is probably going through the dreaded PUBERTY, since his voice is getting squeaky.   There are adjustments to be made, whether it includes moving to a different floor for quiet time, or bed time, or whatever.  While we were still working, Larry and I had our zoom meetings with students, parents, and teachers.  Zane's schooling was also online, and when we all had meetings set up for the same time, it was a bit hectic, but we had a semblance of a schedule. Now that school is out, well...time has no meaning.  So really, it is Summer as usual. We just can't go anywhere. 

But maybe that's okay.  We're in the middle of tumultuous changes.  George Floyd's horrific death.  Rayshard Brooks' death.   Murder hornets. Black Lives Matter Protests, even where no African Americans live.  Asteroids rushing past our planet. Donald Trump.  A tiny little virus seems less scary when put up against all that. 

So hang in there. Do the best you can.  If you have to go out, take precautions. Wash your hands, Wear your masks where you are supposed to.  Take care of the people around you.  These are hard times.  We are all in this together!


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