Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Just Another Tricky Day

Sometimes, it is hard to get out of bed.  Sometimes I just don't want to get out of bed, of course, especially on cold mornings.  Other times, I would rather go back to sleep and dream of Adam Driver.  But the paycheck beckons.   I don't go back to sleep, but I grumble about it all the way through the second cup.  Adulting is hard.

Nowadays, this is completely about the pandemic.  I am generally an adaptable sort, but all this has been too much for my brain.  From the time I wake up, reality has shifted in so many little ways. Events have been cancelled. I worry.  Other events have not been cancelled. I worry. People don't wear masks. I worry. People are ridiculously rude when you ask them to put on a mask. I worry.  People I know test positive.  I worry.   Did I accidentally touch that door with my hands?  I worry, and I wash my hands.  

All that on TOP of all of the other stuff that I have to think about, such as how many pairs of shoes is my child going to outgrow in the next month, or whether I remembered to fill up the dog's water bowl.  Whether I have any appointments today.  Which students need to be pulled for evaluation, and is the giant sneeze guard still in the conference room so everyone is protected?  Wait--I am wearing pants, right? 

I thought that I was losing my faculties, but then I read an article that essentially said that this...is...normal. Normal as in, we are in a time of major stress.  In times of major stress, the brain tends to drop the ball. Often.  And then forgets that it even held a ball.  There was a ball?

The point is that our brains are doing the best we can, just like we are.  We can get upset about it, check ourselves in for an MRI, but at the end of the day we are in the middle of a ridiculously annoying pandemic that nobody really has any control over.  I am going to try and focus on what I can control, like wearing pants. 

Pants are good.  


  1. Pants are good, but pajama bottoms? fantastic!

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