Friday, October 6, 2017

Proceed With Candy

When I am working very hard on a report, or trying to focus on a specific task at work, I stress eat. Mindless eating, really. I find myself munching away without any concern about actually being hungry.  I usually bring healthy snacks with me to work these days.  Pretzels, fruit, cheese are tucked into my lunchbox so I can blindly stuff my face with something that won't cause me to gain 10,000 pounds. 

And those are wonderful, brain craves chocolate.  Glorious, delicious, perfect chocolate.  I don't blindly swallow such wonderful items, however. That would be just wrong.  Such decadence must be enjoyed.  I put a piece in my mouth, and allow it to melt. I savor the taste, basking in the flavors. Then I get back to work, my minor irritations soothed. 

My chocolate eating could rightfully be considered mindful.  Mindfulness is the thing these days.  Be present in the moment, and all that. My moments with chocolate, however brief they may be, are mini-stress breaks, taken throughout my day to help protect my sanity.  I explained all this very carefully to my family doctor just the other day.

"I understand your point," my doctor said.  "However, your blood sugar is too high.  You need to cut back."

"No."  I crossed my arms in front of me, and stuck out my bottom lip.  I was not cutting out chocolate.  I was very firm on that.

"What about dark chocolate?" my doctor knows how stubborn I can be, after all these years.  Give the man credit for attempting to compromise.   After a little more cajoling, I agreed to make an effort toward lowering my blood sugar.  I would switch to dark chocolate, which does not have as much sugar as milk chocolate. 

"Can I finish the current bag first?" I asked hopefully.  I had just purchased said bag, and was being practical.  My doctor looked skeptical, but he just sighed heavily.  I took that as a yes. 

Now my chocolate breaks will be even more mindful, and maybe a bit mournful.  But still...chocolate!


  1. Dark chocolate can be delightful......

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  3. Dove makes a dark chocolate with almonds that is good. Not a Hersey's with almonds but still good. Brookside also has good dark chocolate with fruit if you like your chocolate fruity.

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