Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Random Dog Farts

Passing gas is natural.  Every creature out there has some sort of manner of expelling the gases that build up following digestion.  We should all be used to it, and random public toots shouldn't even raise an eyebrow these days.  Kids fart, and everyone giggles at their adorableness. Adults do it, and we pretend that they didn't.  Unless they're really old, and then we giggle at their adorableness.  Everyone is used to farts.

Except for dog farts.  Those smell just plain awful, probably because in most cases they show up unexpectedly after Fido has walked through the room.  Dog farts were probably the inspiration for chemical warfare; nothing clears out a room faster than those silent but deadly clouds of stink. And what the heck are we feeding our furry friends, dog food makers, if that's the result?

I digress; I was talking about dog farts.  Yep.  Dog farts.

There are people out there who say things that are mean, cruel, bigoted, hateful, inconsiderate...I could go on.  Some of these people may be excused from their comments, the result of dementia, disability, or ignorance. The rest of these creatures, I think, need to be called on their hateful statements.  The way I see it, these hurtful and awful comments or remarks are the equivalent of a dog fart. They're just passing really stinky gas from the wrong orifice.

You can't just get in people's faces, however.  That can lead to prolonged fisticuffs, and nobody has time for that, except maybe Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime.  We all want the world to be a better place, and aggressively calling out people is not the way.  Most people are rigidly entrenched in their beliefs, anyway, and calling them out puts them on the defensive.  They dig in deep, expecting you to fight.  You're angry, they're angry, and nobody changes a thing.

These people need to be called out, no doubt, but in a way that gets people to think, instead of generating anger.  Laughter is the best medicine, they say, and we really need a lot more laughter and a lot less hate.  So we change our perspective, and change the focus. We cause some cognitive dissonance, while we're at it.  We do the unexpected. There's an easier way to change minds.

The next time someone says something bigoted or cruel or just plain ridiculously selfish, call them out. Point at them and yell, "DOG FART!"   You'll make yourself giggle, but say nothing else.  Walk away, even.  They can't argue with you if you aren't there, can they?  And you'll stop their entire train of thought before it leaves the station. The poor soul will be left standing there, wondering.  They'll go on about their business, but the entire situation will be at the back of their mind. It will bother them, like a pebble in their shoe.  Why did they say that? they'll wonder.  In time, the more intelligent of the populace will figure it out.  Those with less insight, well, they'll at least be wary of you.  Perhaps less likely to speak so thoughtlessly.

You don't need that sort of negativity in your life, anyway.

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