Tuesday, April 26, 2016

100 Words: Search

I've always been an explorer. Not the traditional kind. I don't have the energy or attention span for that.  My explorations involve the search for knowledge.

Back before the internet that search was intimidating. No Google, no Siri.  It was all about going to the library and hitting the books until you found what you were looking for.  My first attempt at searching for answers involved Gray's Anatomy. I was only five, but I was fascinated by the heavy tome.  Here were the answers to questions I hadn't even thought of yet! 

It was love by the first page turn.

Go check out Tara's Thin Spiral Notebook, to check out the 100 Word Challenge.  Join in!  


  1. I remember going to the library as a kid. Just sitting in the quiet and reading. We used to read the encyclopedias at home. Something to do and something to read, my how times have changed.

  2. Ah, I remember using the encyclopedias we had at home to do research for school papers. Those and card catalogues. Google is so much easier and faster now, but I still find myself wanting to just open a giant encyclopedia and start reading.

  3. I can remember going to the library as a kid and reading the Encyclopedias too.

  4. and the smell as you turn the pages . . . ahhhhh yes!

  5. It was still just as easy to get sidetracked - so many avenues to look down. I enjoyed this, thank you for sharing. LM x

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