Friday, March 4, 2016

100 Words: Wedding Day

Caroline was to marry Old Man Jenkins.

Her parents would receive a large sum of money, enough to pay off their years of frivolous debauchery.  Her father screamed that she would do her duty, then passed out.  It was the least that Caroline could do, her mother slurred, after all they'd done for her.  Then gin took her consciousness as well.

Her parents  had always treated her like the meal ticket she was, and nothing more.  Caroline couldn't think of anything to justify a claim of familial duty. Not even a single hug.

Caroline escaped from it all that night.

Go try the 100 Word Challenge over at Tara's Thin Spiral Notebook.  The word this week was 'duty'. 


  1. Glad she escaped. Makes me wonder how she escaped. Great open ended last line.

    Ally :)

  2. Good for Caroline! I have to agree with Ally, great opening.

  3. A perfect 100. Nothing is worth your dignity.

  4. A perfect 100. Nothing is worth your dignity.

  5. Will you keep this going? I'd like to see what adventures she's in for!

  6. The more folks expect, the less they do. I'm glad she escaped.

  7. run, Caroline, run!!!! :) great 100


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